Men working in science and technology fields earn 40% more than women –

Men working in science and technology fields earn 40% more than women –

One of the main gender gaps that remains evident is in education, with internships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines, where indicators of equality show very negative values ​​for women in all relevant disciplines and careers. fields. Much of this problem is society’s internal perception that math and science are men’s pursuits.

In addition to the above, society, conflict or emergencies in the industry, lack of education and digital tools, and family perspective are the biggest constraints of female population avoiding STEM education. In fact, stereotypes about gender skills are perspectives that undermine the panorama of equality when choosing a career focused on these practices.

“Girls and women believe they are complex areas and are for men only, taking them away from their reality and limiting them to seeing how the application of technology, engineering, science and mathematics can change their lives and transform the development of a population entering the digital world. ” emphasized Laura Segura, Director of Research and Empowerment in the STEM movement from the BIU University STEAM Miami 2022 Symposium.

Such stereotypes surround women in all areas of life, including the family, because the interests and abilities of girls for their future education begin here. However, there is no support for them to be interested in these areas.

The OECD’s latest PISA reports showed that girls do not have the same self-confidence in science and math as boys, and new analyzes reveal significant differences in parental incentives, which exacerbates the problem.

Now, it is not enough to encourage girls to enter the STEM world, they also need to feel empowered to know that they are valued within their role: to encourage the younger generation, especially women, to pursue their interests in technologies, to achieve equality and competitiveness in organizations.” Interjected Laura Segura.

On the other hand, according to a study developed by the International Institute of Statistics (ISI), 8 of the top 10 jobs are in STEM careers. However, women do not participate in this type of career due to lack of knowledge, stereotypes and lack of motivation.

While STEM occupations are reported to have strong demands on higher earnings and pay scales, women pursuing careers in these fields and entering the workforce face major barriers to success; Not to mention that the female population consistently earns less than men in these occupations: men who work in the STEM field earn 40% more than women, according to the Pew Research Center.

Compared to the previous generation, women have far more opportunities when seeking careers in these disciplines: “21. century evolves to change this difference. But for society to be interested in entering the world of science and technology, which is the basis of development, knowledge and creativity in society, it must integrate itself to support the female population with well-defined policies,” said Rina Familia, president of the Dominican Artificial Intelligence Association, in her speech at the STEAM Miami 2022 Symposium.

In this way, at the STEAM Miami 2022 Symposium organized by Broward International University (BIU), it was possible to demonstrate not only the shared views around the STEAM movement, but also the commitment of institutions to connect the different sectors they are committed to. to involve girls and women in the fields of science and technology.

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