Mental and physical health | Andujar

Mental and physical health |  Andujar

Passage of the Virgin on her descent into the city through the famous monument ‘La Piedra Escrito’. / Jose Carlos GONZALEZ

Affiliated associations fulfilled the mission of transporting garbage on the road.

It was the last week for those framing the patron saint’s descent into the city after 13 years in the city’s history book»

We cannot complain. It was the last week of those who framed the city’s history book. Thirteen years later, the Patron Saint of Andújar and the Diocese of Jaén came to the city from the Basilica Real Santuario de Sierra Morena with thousands of devotees who climbed to its blessed hill to accompany him for the thirty kilometers covering the road. to the Holy Place.

A Eucharist consecrated by the rector of the temple. The signing of the surrender to the head of the Matrix by P. Luis Miguel Alaminos and himself was the start of the mountain tour on a day where the air merged with the ephemeris like so many pilgrims out during the day. to meet him.

Good walk, many youngsters have imposed this, extending the arrival time to most of the marked points. The affiliated sects fulfilled the mission of carrying him on the road until they reached what is now known as the old seminary, the residence of the elders. As always, and without full understanding, the stoppage that caused a traffic jam on the route between this place and the city center, headed to the street that would store it, until around midnight when the image reached Plaza de España. this is the temple that will be his ‘home’ for 15 days. Just like on the way out, a Eucharist celebration, his journey ended with a day full of emotion and tears everywhere, as there are many iliturgitan or since 2019 the pandemic has prevented them from seeing and praying to him. . Local pilgrim choirs and songs from other cities allow their voices to be heard on beautifully decorated facade balconies such as the Casa Hogar de Cáritas. The sects started yesterday, Sunday, of course, with elders from all over the province and beyond on the so-called ‘White Pilgrimage’. Being close to him was her illusion and her delusion.


But I wrote that this week is also the week of physical health and can be understood in this way. Decades later, the Old Hospital to be sought after. From now on, the Old Hospital was inaugurated by the head of the Andalusian Government, Juanma Moreno, as nothing of the old remains, a redevelopment worth over two million euros. Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, this 17th century hospital has become a modern and completely renovated health center and is now ready to provide quality health services in Emergency, Primary Care and some specialties, with new services that were not available until now. Now, thanks to the fact that “the perseverance of the inhabitants of Andújar is an important part”.

Now it’s time for the municipality to give us back the second emergency unit that the municipality took from us in 2012 and claimed by the people themselves. We have the biggest municipal term, to provide the service with the quality it deserves. And in the meantime, the restoration of the dome paintings was completed, the image of the Sacred Heart, which everyone was wondering about, returned to its place of origin.

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