Mental health concern drives competition to study psychology

A few weeks ago, Xunta revision of the protocol for preventing suicides and self-harm in children and adolescents in the field of education. Realizing that the problem was getting worse, the administration decided to update the guides and tools available to families and professionals. in the same neighborhood Bullying affects one in five 15-year-olds, based on the latest PISA data. But it’s not just minors who suffer from mental health issues. The World Health Organization considers depression the biggest epidemic of the 21st century and the coronavirus didn’t help. Experts warn that the crisis and the resulting uncertainty are prompting more requests for help—43 percent of citizens say they feel badly emotionally—and indeed due to a lack of public health professionals.Sergas claims there’s nowhere left to dump on recruiting lists–, psychologists deal with closed private agendas months in advance.

In this content, Demand to study psychology increased this year and the average was 4.5 candidates per place just for those who chose this race as their first choice. According to María José Sampedro, dean of this faculty at the University of Santiago, “there is a growing awareness of the need for care in general and mental health in particular.” “growing phenomena such as tyranny and suicides, especially in adolescents and children, are very worryingIt is very worrying,” he says, adding that “social and economic disparities also contribute to increasing problems.” “All of this requires special intervention, and the population is becoming more and more aware,” he says.

The role of the pandemic

As other health professionals have noted, he acknowledges that: the pandemic has “something to do” with the increased demand for work because he is making society more and more aware of his mental health, but he warns that he is not responsible for everything. “The pandemic,” he emphasizes, “served to bring mental health to the fore, but the problems have been there before”: “The suicides didn’t start with the pandemic, it’s about economic depression, vulnerability, abuse… and they’re very worrying”.

The importance of mental health in the population also underlines the fact that: The two main reasons for consulting a GP are anxiety and depression.He said more than half of drug spending—a figure he described as “brutal”—is devoted to anxiolytics and depressants, or that 50% of losses are related to such disorders. “These are important data,” he warns.

Enrollment data from the only Universidade de Santiago in Galicia to offer degrees confirms this. degree gains attractiveness since at least 2018, with the maximum occupancy achieved in the last two years. A total of 688 students (639 in the past) were enrolled in this course, as Sampedro explained, and it’s only in the first option, those that put the race at the top of the list. There are 4.5 applications for each place –Originally there are 150 vacancies and their numbers have not changed in recent years–. If all the candidates who mention Psychology in their pre-registration are taken into account, the number rises to 1500.”

a professional occupation

As with other professional careers, and with “care-related” degrees – it happens the same way in other health fields – the dean explains: girls are the vast majority (80%). Also, as last year, all the students sitting at the faculty this year chose the initiate, Psychology in the first place after the COVID outbreak, and the dean emphasizes. these are students who come to the approved class with brilliant academic records.: This year’s cut-off mark for the studies that hung their posters completed in the second semester was 10,450, according to the latest data from the USA. CiUG. “It’s high and that’s a sign,” the Dean says. Ten years ago, it was 7.16, and a significant percentage of students who didn’t pick him as a favourite, slipped into classes. In addition, Sampedro explains that the current cutoff mark will be relatively higher. The faculty is interested in the biohealth profile, but also in a social profileand weights only one of the two courses by 0.2 to raise the grade, so the top grade is 13.

Head of psychology degree highlights professional component of the course more than job opportunities that will mainly be related to social services and care. “There is a growing demand from our graduates and this is increasingly open to professional opportunitiesbecause every day there is more demand for qualified staff from more workshops, day centers and public, private or partner centers,” he explains. And the fact that there are fewer of these professionals in public health than they should be also affects.

“We are far below the availability needed in health or education centers”

Psychologists of the public network are on the table, while Sampedro insists that the social demand for the help of psychologists is “increasing” “Lack of socio-health coverage to participate in mental health” and people are directed to special services. Moreover, “Those who need it most are those who cannot pay”, reproaches, and this is “a weakness of the public health system.” It therefore shares the need for more qualified personnel to deal with mental health in children and adolescents, adults or the elderly, the latter an “increasingly necessary” profile in the face of an increasingly aging population and is beyond a certain age where “mental disorders occur”.

There is an increasing social demand for mental health care. There is worrying data and we should have more presence in education centers, health centers or socio-community services. Unfortunately, we have very little of what we need,” he repeats.

For example, he mentions that with adequate psychological intervention, drugs and sick leave can be avoided in consultations for discomfort and anxiety. “We are throwing stones at our own roof,” he warns. the truth Spain is well below the European average for psychological coverage in public health, he confirms, “this creates very serious problems; these costs could be largely recouped by better psychological health insurance”.

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