Pedro Fuertes re-elected president of the Community Handball Federation

Pedro Fuertes re-elected president of the Community Handball Federation

Pedro Fuertes re-elected president of the Community Handball Federation He will be the second post at the head of Valencia’s highest organization, continuing the working group of the previous legislature.

Last Monday, October 17, the selection process at the Valencia Community Handball Federation, which started in June and ended with a clear message from different levels, came to an end: confidence in Pedro Fuertes and his management at the head of the federative entity. legislature 2018-2022.

A period marked by the pandemic but also making the Community the epicenter of international handball, with the Women’s Handball World Championship in December 2021, as well as the Tokyo 2020 or EHF Euro Cup 2022 Women’s Pre-Olympic qualifiers. .

Despite the difficulties and restrictions, Valencia teams and clubs have shone their own light on the national stage, celebrating the Valencian Community as a state benchmark, especially on the women’s field, which has been in all the final stages of the Spanish Championships in its formative stages. .

Pedro Fuertes gives his first interview after being re-elected as president of the autonomous federation.

QUESTION: What do you expect from the 2022-2026 legislature, your second term as president of the Valencia Community Handball Federation?

ANSWER: We expect a parliament similar to the previous one, based on the continuity that has given us such good results, and as proof of this, the elections in which we are the only candidate for the presidency. We will continue on the line we set for ourselves when we come to 2018, based on three pillars: promoting women’s handball, the ‘Inclusive Handball’ line and a commitment to the Valencian Community as the setting for important national and international events. relevance.

Q: What is the secret of the community hosting so many important events?

A: Collaboration and day-to-day relations with Public Administrations are essential, starting with the Generalitat Valenciana, which is always willing to promote our projects. The assistance of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, through its programs, to promote sport in the Valencia region and transform La Terreta into a world-class sports venue is also indispensable. We work side by side with the provincial councils of both Castelló, Valencia and Alicante so that everyone from the federation can participate and enjoy the wonderful handball festival. But the trust placed in us by the Royal Spanish Handball Federation and its president, Francisco Blázquez, is crucial for us to be able to develop great events in the Community, both nationally and internationally. Proof of this, next week we will be hosting two international women’s tournaments simultaneously: TIE at the gates of the European Championship with the Guerreras in Torrevieja and GTH Scandibérico de las Guerreras Júnior in Altea. And not far away is the Spanish Regional Teams Championship, where we will start 2023 in style on the Costa Blanca.

Q: How would you describe the federation’s work on women’s handball?

A: Our commitment to the women’s line is complete, the results reflecting all the hard work and effort are good proof of this. During our first legislature, from 2018 to 2022, the Valencian Community’s regional teams managed to move up to second place in the national standings and won seven medals, three of which were gold, at the Spanish Regional Teams Championship. At the club level, we were able to increase the number of women’s licenses from season to season, thanks to the special programs we developed together with the clubs to promote women’s sports, increasing in number and volume.

Pedro Fuertes re-elected president of the Community Handball Federation
Pedro Fuertes re-elected president of the Community Handball Federation

Q: You were talking about continuity in your first term, will you keep your board?

A: Yes, totally. We maintain our board of directors, where half of the working team is women, and our commitment to equality. In other words, four out of eight directors are women. We keep all the names, they are my absolute trust and they wanted to continue because with the advent of COVID we have a thorn in all the projects and ideas that need to be left in the drawer. For example, one of the lines of business is women’s handball, where we bet even more on our commitment to equality and values ​​education through sport.

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