Rolando Uríos’ return to handball

Rolando Uríos' return to handball

He retired from competition in 2009 due to injury and when he thought he would never play for the player again, Rolando Uríos was spotted among the UN Alarcos roster. It has returned to its home for eight seasons, Ciudad Real, with the capital’s now defunct team, have won four Asobal Leagues and three Champions Leagues, among other titles.

Altruistic return to handball

He admits that he was not very convinced when the offer from BM Alarcos came. “I was very suspicious of that because 13 years went by without playing handball, without being on the field seriously,” says Rolando Uríos. “I told them I’d do some training with the players, but it’s nothing serious,” he said. However, on 18 September he took part in the derby against BM Caserío in the División de Honor Plata.

Game to help and motivate young players

The Ciudad Real team has suffered a few significant losses and a lack of pivots. Julio Fis, the club’s assistant coach and friend of Uríos, asked him to help him, and without knowing how, he is now part of the team. He trains with them and plays a few minutes per game “to help and motivate young players”.

A benchmark at Ciudad Real

He came to BM Ciudad Real in 2001 at the age of 29 and played for the club until 2009, when he retired due to injury. With the team that made history by winning all possible championships four Asobal leagues and three Champions Leagues, among others. Some of the children who enjoyed his game back then are his companions today.

Rolando Uríos with colleagues from Vestas BM Alarcos

Rolando Uríos with colleagues from Vestas BM Alarcos RTVE

“For all of us who have played handball since we were little, he was our idol, the greatest center in history.” That’s how Jota Serrano, who also plays as a center, remembers him. “I remember seeing him as a kid when they were training behind us. We were shocked when they said he was coming to play with us, what a privilege it is,” adds Pepe Mora.

He was our idol for all of us who have been playing handball since we were little.

Despite his 51 years and age gap with players around 26, Uríos arrives in very good physical shape and above all with a desire to add to the experience. “They see me on the track as a big brother, but also as a mentor, a reference… It’s a source of pride for me,” he says. Isidre Sánchez, head coach of BM Alarcos, admits that he “did a lot of stupidity in every way: physical, technical, tactical, psychological… It’s incredible that he’s with us.”

The best pivot in history

With the Spanish National Team Rolando Uríos Gold medal at the 2005 World Cup and silver medal at 2006 Europeand he is also Top goal scorer in 99 World Cups. He did not lose his connection with handball after he was removed from the field of play. He continued as a coach in Ciudad Real, Palma de Mallorca or Germany. The Spanish nationalized Cuban is a legend in this sport and is considered the best offensive center of his time.

2009 Champions Cup with Rolando Uríos

2009 Champions Cup with Rolando Uríos RTVE

Now he is competing in the División de Honor Plata with the short-term goal of reaching the promotion stage of BM Alarcos. They open the door for him to stay in the team as long as he wants. Pivot is happy to live this ‘second youth’ on the field for now.

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