Scientific and technological development is the key to the future world

Scientific and technological development is the key to the future world

Concerning the implementation of PROMACE, he valued the recent opening of 52 Secondary Schools in San Pedro, as well as other projects to be completed in El Acheral, Arroyo Colorado, and Escuela Unión Latinoamericana. “We will build 258 new schools,” said the president, underscoring the “strong commitment to the educational infrastructure” facing the province, underscoring the comprehensive renovation of educational institutions.

Emphasizing the importance of connectivity to guarantee access to quality public education, Morales stated that the tender process will begin in the coming weeks for “2,000 kilometers of fiber optic service for institutions across the province and radio link service for rural schools”..

I approve of this “The world is moving towards the fight against climate change, which is the slogan we chose at Jujuy.” “We are no longer dealing with extreme events, we had three years of drought in the branch area and in the province that caused a 15% drop in productivity,” Morales said. He stated that “fighting climate change is fighting for life, planet and work”.

He drew attention to working primarily on three axes in the fight against climate change: changing the energy matrix, reducing deforestation levels and managing urban solid waste.

“We have to change the source of electricity generation, so Cuachari is important,” he assured. “The world is going through a major scientific and technological change in which we must accompany these challenges”. In this sense, he praised the clean energy and green hydrogen production projects undertaken by the province.

“Boys and girls have to get to know Cauchari and GIRSU. They need to visit Cauchari and see the technology we have, they need to visit the Lithium Institute, because at some point Jujuy will produce lithium batteries”, stated.

He also pointed out that there is an important job training for middle school students.

Finally, he valued spaces for the generation and dissemination of science in educational settings and highlighted the work of San Pedro Technical School students who will participate in the “ECO YPF 2022 Challenge” with their peers from Maimará and Palpalá. Competition for the design and production of prototypes of electric cars, which will be held in Bariloche and will be financially supported by the state government.

“Scientific and technological development is the key to the future world,” Morales said..

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Change of the productive matrix and environmental impact

Education Minister María Teresa Bovi pointed out that the regional example of the Provincial Education, Arts, Science and Technology Fair is part of the National Science and Technology Programme.

He explained that the regional example of the Yungas Node groups training zones IV and V will be in the town of Abra Pampa, Quebrada and Puna districts grouped in training zones 1 and 2. Valley node integrated into Education Zone 3.

Bovi pointed out that the theme to be addressed in the 2022 edition of the Provincial Education, Arts, Science and Technology Fair is “environmental challenge as a regional challenge” and that it is proposed as “connected study and research areas”. The evolution of change in the productive matrix of the province and its environmental impact”. “We proposed projects linked to renewable energy, municipal solid waste management and lithium development,” he said.

As a result, the minister considered the work at the science fair throughout history and highlighted the accompanying Connect Lab space in the themes of the work for the 2022 edition.

Mayors of San Pedro, Julio Bravo and Libertador General San Martín, Oscar Jayat; national senator Mario Fiad and state deputy Gisel Bravo.

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