Summary and conclusion of the handball Zamora Enamora

Summary and conclusion of the handball Zamora Enamora

this Handball Zamora Enamora He said goodbye to the King’s Cup by falling in the first round today. Valinox Novas The match, which left a bitter taste in pistachios, ended at 30-31. On the one hand, the team competed one-on-one. League leader in Group A; on the other hand, the team added a new defeat and on top of that, saw how. Jortos injured his knee That could get him out of the game for a season.

Cup competition started with two quick goals per side. angel grandson. A duel between the leader and the bottom Group A between Silver Honor Section He went evenly on his first sticks, with the Galicians dealing damage from eight meters and the Zamoranos launching massive attacks. Etayo and Horcajada as a finisher (2-2, art. 5).

The pulse was equal Valinox Novas at the forefront of target shopping thanks to savings Hector GilHandball Zamora The key to preventing Enamora from making their good defenses effective. The Galicians, with long attacks, remained ahead thanks to his hand. Manuel Martinez because his defense has suffered enough with penetrations. Elola or Raul Maide. The peanut tone had nothing to do with their league games, and the visiting defender’s four goals precluded a larger prize for the team. Ivan Lopez.

Exactly, an action jortos With Martínez past the tenth minute of the game came the first big challenge. The defender was kicked out and Valinox Novás had the opportunity to take the first significant lead of the duel in his favor with 5-6. Opportunity, which he did not take advantage of with a partial balance in inequality, allowed to stall. doval and the match ended in a draw halfway through the first act with a goal from Horcajada (7-7).

Neither team gave up its arm to bend over the track. angel grandson. Valinox Novás had a singing voice with open defenses and a great Gil under the clubs, but Viriato’s team followed closely with their intense and good offensive moves. A Scenario that broke down in the 18th minuteafter it happens excluded Pancho Bellia and scoring a 0-3 partial to the Galicians, taking advantage of two local turnovers, also causing dead times. Ivan Lopez 8-11 in score.

Ara didn’t cut the negative peanut streakthis caused the coach to move the bench in search of a solution. a more offensive blackout than vile and the visitor’s commitment to defense at 6-0 It had happened minutes ago. An issue where Horcajada put an end to counter-attacks for a moment and Zamoranos had the option to deal with the first guest exclusion (9-13, art. 22). But that dominance began in the worst possible way since then. Jortos saw how his knee bent after being fouled and the signs of pain left no doubt, seriously injured.

With everyone watching the captain, it didn’t matter that Zamora’s attack with two more men on the track resulted in a loss. Or the next, stopped by Gil. At least until Jortos sits on the bench and his painful gesture turns into a surrender with crutches at his side to move on later.

By then Horcajada had scored, Valinox Novás had gathered all his troops and the game continued with the locals four goals behind. An income that rises to six points, and that’s Great interception from Doval and two beautiful goals from Elola and Jaime as they passed through the locker rooms, leaving four goals (12-16).

with energy, Handball Zamora Enamora returns to the track with his clawready to fight. Like this Two saves and two good offensive action from Doval however, a visitor who immediately responded to the local challenge cut the differences in the team (14-18, art. 33).

The game got sped up on this reboot and at this game speed, Valinox Novás proved to be better. 14-20 of the light showed this and Iván López had no choice but to ask for a timeout to stop the bleeding and order the peanut box. The goal was clear, longer attacks and patience to continue on the stake.

BM Zamora Enamora knocked down spins and continued to hurt his opponent with it without making endorsements that would certainly condemn him. In fact, Doval’s stops and Horcajada and Torres’ counterattacks allowed the peanut side to close the gap. Two minutes assigned to Fernando.

There were twenty minutes in the match and a win against the league leader was still possible. The distance was established by five goals (19-24) and the local team showed no signs of being unable to fight. Actually, The duel turned into a very attractive exchange of goals. and even useful for the Zamorano, as they regained their sense of attack. Valinox Novás was short and Horcajada approached his team three goals from a draw for second place. entering the last quarter of an hour of the match.

With 14 minutes remaining, 22-25 caused guest Trives to request a timeout.. A break that boosted his team but didn’t cut short a good seven-game from Zamora was well established on the pitch and deliberate in his attacks. The Galicians raised their level of defense and had to work hard to maintain their income. Against the Zamora Enamora Handball team who couldn’t take aim with just a few shots to complete their comeback.

With eight minutes left, a new problem arose for the hosts. Exclusion specified in Torres. Mach came to stop the seven meters but the man was spotted on the scoreboard for over two minutes. Opponent comes in, four goals with five minutes left. A disadvantage that demands an excellent result from pistachios.

It was not enough, but UN Zamora Enamora gave everything until the end. With Mach under the sticks, he saves shots and offense, bets on going without a goalkeeper, bets on just two goal difference with two minutes remaining and forces the visit timeout at 30-31 in the light with Illesca on the counter attack. In the absence of a few seconds for the last horn. The score remained the same, even though Jaime had a shot to draw and died in a peanut counterattack that didn’t have enough time for the duel to finish a goal.

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