Tecnópolis closed its 11th edition with more than 3 million visitors

Tecnópolis has been on winter holidays since its opening More than 3 million visitors from all over the country. Tours with schools resumed in August. More than 300,000 boys and girls from 5,000 schools.

“Tecnópolis, the park dedicated to science, technology and the arts, was conceived from its inception as a space of knowledge, learning and entertainment for the whole family. A place of entertainment, but also a possible meeting with future professions. and that this first dream is touring it today and enjoying it in this latest edition. We are very proud to see that it is part of the experience of the more than 3 million visitors who visit the park. It makes a lot of sense to move this Park forward with the quality and diversity it has. , special thanks to public and private companies and international cooperation. Countries participating this year. All of them make Tecnópolis a unique and unforgettable experience”The Minister of Culture congratulated, Tristan Bauer.

The park is back to regain its popular and mass spirit and finds itself a fun and learning space for familiesthe awakening of childhood professions and a living example of everything we as Argentines can do in science, technology, industry, art, culture, sustainability.

In this issue, in keeping with the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Malvinas and the 100th anniversary of the YPF, the mega exhibition was invited. think of sovereignty as an engine for building the future. Parking offered more than 70 spaces under the responsibility 80 organisms through interactive experiences to learn about art, science, technology, productive development, energy, gender, environment and sustainability, among other topics, With an extensive program of over 800 shows, recitals and talks for all ages on 8 auditoriums and stages. The exhibition opened its doors on July 17 with visitor registrations during the winter holidays: in just two weeks, more than 800,000 people from all over the country enjoyed the Park.

“We are very proud because we feel we have definitely saved Tecnópolis for all Argentines. After four years of macrismo abandonment and two pandemics with 3 million visitors in those 4 months, the height of the original idea of ​​2010 that gave birth to Parque Tecnópolis” Undersecretary of Spaces and Special Projects, Ministry of Culture, Martin Bonavetti.

this spatial, environmental, cultural, technological, energetic, productive, marine and food sovereigntyeducation, solidarity, equality and the expansion of rights are the conceptual axes on which this edition of the mega-exhibition is based.

It was in this spirit that they opened. new fields Designed for different audiences visiting the park: arorro, for early childhood; most Space Maker In the Electronic Arts Lab, run together with the Siemens Foundation and the Banco Nación Foundation; Zamba and Nina’s Fabulous ParkPresented by Pakapaka and Ministry of Education; School as a Flag and space academy From the Ministry of National Education; Argentina Energy; mostrina ANSES, among others. In addition to its traditional venues such as Tierra de Dinos, Bichos and Ciencia en Movimiento, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has opened three new experiences for visitors: Aerospace Sovereignty, Imagination and Boundless Identities. In addition, a space for the gym was added in the sports area. free style and one play ground with national and international industry developments

In addition, the traditional spaces of the Park continued. ANIMATION / MoCapPublic Content studio running one of the largest motion capture systems in Latin America, and urban expressions Skatepark, Basketball Court, Ice Rink and Palestra are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

Technopolis manager, Maria Rosenfeldtstated: “This issue of Tecnópolis represents the rescue of this space for learning and access to knowledge of arts, science and technology after the pandemic has passed. It is about our great articulation with the different ministries, agencies and institutions of the National State. Tecnópolis is where citizenship is exercised, rights are exercised. A great platform for public policy where the potential we have and the capacities in our productive, scientific and technological development can be clearly observed. The site and access pleasure to expand dreams”.

One of the most outstanding proposals was the exhibition. the sea as a regionHe offered to bring the public closer to different dimensions that transcend national marine sovereignty, from the claim of the Malvinas Islands to the Bicontinental Map, to the Argentine presence in Antarctica, to pollution and the maintenance of marine ecosystems. Temporary exhibitions were also displayed at the fairground. PUMA motorcycles, in his 70 years of life; most Fangio’s cars Travelers from Balcarce; Exhibition Belt and Road Presented by the Chinese Embassy; most Interactive Example of National Video Games and exposure IdentityIt’s about the search for the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, produced by Parque de la Memoria.

In the 3 months the sample lasts, every weekend Festivals, gatherings and special events linked to various expressions of Argentine culture. Among them: ÉPICA, the school of artivists; Chess Loop; 70 years of respect to Evita; Children’s Day Celebrations; HEART Festival! Youth Day; 210th Anniversary of Jujuy Exodus; Creole Festival – Gaucho Cultures; Dance Festival in Technopolis; Great Homeland Migrant Festival; Meeting 46 years after the Night of Pens; Pakapaka’s 12th Birthday; INT Teatrin Festival; Fileteadores 11th Annual Meeting; Cosplay Festival and KPOP; 1st Child and Youth Dance Meeting; World Space Week; National Dance Day Activities; 47. Argentine Mini Basket Gathering; National Vaccination Campaign against measles, rubella, mumps and polio; Lupear Electronic Arts Festival; Science, Technology and Innovation Meeting for National Sovereignty; Urban Environment Meeting on Food and Technological Sovereignty Reconciliation; Museum Production Program Meeting; Future Cycle; Grandmothers Festival 45 years; Argenlive Festival; INNOVATION competition.

Also, in different scenarios innovative artistic suggestions for children: The Man Who Lost His Shadow and Imaginary Beings by Borges of the Cervantes National Theatre; La Plata Provincial Art Argentine Theater Animals Carnival; Welcome to Charly’s train, produced by the Kirchner Cultural Center; To sleep; Zamba and Nina’s amazing dance and thinking about flavors. As always, musical performances by famous national groups were on the agenda: Dúo Karma, Pim Pau, NiLocos, Raviolis, Les Ivans, Koufequin, Los Cazurros, Mariana Baggio, Anda Calabaza, Los Rockan, Vuelta Canela, Triciclas, Laura Migliorisi , Valor Vereda, Bigolates de Chocote, Rayos y Centellas, Pavón Orquesta, among others.

For his part, the young public had fun recitals with distinguished and distinguished artists of the contemporary scene: FMK, Homer el Mero Mero, Ángela Torres, Zoe Gotusso, Mario Luis, Bhavi, Vox Dei, Horcas, Feli Colina, Perotá Chingó, Caligaris 25 years, Hugo Lobo, Juan Ingaramo, Hain and children, Yerba Brava, Lito Nebbia, Burns the Blood, Bersuit Vergarabat, Sara Hebe, Los del Fuego, Natalie Pérez, The Wizard and new, La Grande, Peteco Carabajal, Dying young, Quentin; Strange mother; Ángela Leiva, Sig Ragga, Kiddo Toto, Co Isla and Male Villa; among others. There were also independent music recitals, workshops and meeting spaces for adolescents and special recommendations such as going out with electricity with Martín Rechimuzzi and Pedro Rosemblat, and True Lie with Darío Sztajnszrajber, Philosophy with the Body.

In the Federal Courtyard -with the Federal Council of Culture and the Argentine Cultural Industries Market (MICA)- and in the Hall of the National Theater Institute, recitals, dance and theater works from all parts of the country. To federalize parking proposals, 131 live streams for the whole country.

This year Tecnópolis made 3 open calls to the community: Dance in Technopolisfor the program of co-productions and the first Festival of this discipline in the Park; APPLICATION Programfor youth employment in the region and New Federal SongbookFrom the Center for Sound and Music Studies (CIAM), it targeted musicians from all over the country.

In this edition, services have been included to facilitate visitors’ experience of touring the Park. together with the Ministry of Transport, TechnoBond So the public can move in the Park. A special area was also set up for the execution of procedures and access rights, with RENAPER, ANSES, SUBE, Line 144 and Public Advocacy. In addition, he continued to work COVID vaccine and friendly vaccine.

Another of the central axes of this pressure is Accessibility, from collaboration with the National Agency for Disability (ANDIS). Different cultural events combined with accessible resources such as Accessible Spots, Cozy Space and functions of The Man Who Lost His Shadow, Narratives in the Sopa de Libros area, an inclusive bike ride and guided tours with commentary in Argentine Sign Language. By Dinos Land and Wetland.

In February 2023, the park will reopen its doors in a new format with the fourth edition of Sunsets at Tecnópolis, offering outdoor activities and artistic programs for all ages..

11th edition in numbers

3,000,000 your visitors
800,000 winter holiday visitors
52.000 average visitors per day
57 journeys
over 80 participating organizations
over 70 venues with suggestions and experiences related to art, science and technology
8 stages and auditoriums with artistic activities suitable for all ages
800 performances with artists from all over the country

School goes to Technopolis
In coordination with the Ministry of Education.
5,000 schools
300,000 students

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