The Ministry of Science and Technology assured that the region’s budget will grow by 32% in 2023.

The Ministry of Science and Technology assured that the region's budget will grow by 32% in 2023.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation announced today that the budget corresponding to this portfolio for 2023, directed by Daniel Filmus, will “grow at constant values” by 32 percent and will reach “0.34% of GDP”. The target set by the Science and Technology Financing Law.

In this way, he denied a news published in some media outlets showing that the resources for that region would decrease.

“A report by the Argentines Observatory for Education, published today in different media, confirms that the resources for Science and Technology are dwindling in the 2023 Budget submitted by the Executive Body to the National Congress. It is not,” the ministry said. Science in an official statement.

In the portfolio managed by Filmus, “The Science and Technology Function Budget is targeted to be increased by 32% in fixed values ​​to reach 500.921 million pesos in the 2023 Budget. Law on Financing Science and Technology”.

And he underlined: “In the Chart presented on page 6, the Observatory’s own report shows the Science and Technology Function growing the most in the Budget. There it is stated that the Science and Technology Function is at constant values. The Technology Function is growing by a 23.5%”.

In the text of the ministry, it was stated that the Observatory Report “made a calculation error when it analyzed the new budget according to an 85% inflation forecast, not a 60% inflation forecast on the basis of the 2023 Budget.”

“As we all know, if inflation is above 60%, income and therefore expenditures will grow proportionally in all areas.” It is necessary for the approval of the National Congress, where “the resources allocated to Science and Technology are envisaged as 187 thousand million pesos”.

“According to supplementary administrative decisions, the Science and Technology budget today is close to 240 billion pesos. This is the practice applied when inflation exceeds the estimate included in the budget.”

Moreover, in the case of calculating the special budget of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Observatory pointed out in its report that it “does not take into account the corresponding proportional portion of the Obligations Charged to the Treasury of the Obligations allocated to Science and Technology”.

“These Obligations (meaning about 25% of the total IT resources) will be distributed according to the needs of each scientific institution throughout 2023. It should be clarified that a significant part of the Argentine Scientific Technological System does not belong to Turkey. Mincyt. CNEA, Inta, Inti, It belongs to other Ministries such as the National Meteorological Institute, the Argentinean Antarctic Institute, etc.”

As a result, “The National Government has set Science and Technology as one of its priorities as of 2019 and has taken budget decisions that prioritize this sector,” he said.

“These decisions allowed for a good portion of the decline in investment to be recovered, which meant the loss of Science and Technology’s participation from 0.35 percent to 0.22 percent of GDP between 2015 and 2019. 2021 will give us increased investment in the industry. It gives the opportunity to carry out medium and long-term policies that allow”, concludes the text. (Telam)

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