The Provincial Council values ​​the bridal industry’s capacity to innovate, create new lines of business, create jobs and deliver value during the presentation of the Celebralia Fair – Albacete News

The Provincial Council values ​​the bridal industry's capacity to innovate, create new lines of business, create jobs and deliver value during the presentation of the Celebralia Fair - Albacete News

provincial deputy, Daniel Sanchajoined Water Translation Centerand with the city councilor for Economic Promotion, Modesto Belinchon, at the presentation of Celebralia. The XIII. th anniversary, which takes place in the province of Albacete and celebrates a double this year, on the first weekend of November. The most important Wedding and Event Fair to reach the number of visitors is great offers not only for those who are thinking of celebrating their marriage, but also for those who are. having in mind a major event or a party of a different nature”.

It is a renewed event that presents a fresh and up-to-date image and will certainly meet the business expectations of the fifty participants and the wishes of couples looking for ideas and companies that will make their wedding wishes come true. “Very good news for Albacete and our towns,” Sancha cited, as many of these companies are based in the province and act as a real economic catalyst for the development of many areas.

Thus, the provincial legislator wanted to value the bridal industry’s capacity to innovate and position itself as a catalyst for creating new jobs, creating jobs and providing value to society. “The fact that an industry fair occupies two dates in the annual calendar of an organization as important as IFAB is a clear indication that we are talking about an industry that is increasingly prepared, professionalized and knows how to adapt to the demands of a market. Noting that Celebralia will enable us to “show the best of such an important industry for the province of Albacete with an event that will help us make a province”, he stated that it has the capacity to create new business models.

For this reason, the deputy underlined the support of the institution he presided over. Santi Cabanero It is a great meeting point for all sectors as well as those who contribute to the revival of our country and those who come to this type of Fair from all relevant sectors to add value and add value to the work done throughout the year. Focus on the things we do well in this world.

During the presentation, Sancha was convinced that Celebralia would once again be a synergy and economy generator, as was the case with an exhibition visited by more than 4,000 people in February this year, which continues to operate after the hiatus of previous years. health reasons. For this reason, he invited the citizens to an event where all sectors related to the organization of weddings and celebrations will play a leading role and where the participants will complete a wide range of fashion shows and workshops on different themes. It will open its doors to the public on Nov. IFAB Fair Authority.

For two days, fashion exhibitors will present their proposals that make them more attractive, with parades featuring the latest trends in bridal fashion and apparel for celebrations and events. In addition, participants will be able to enter the draw for four wedding dresses, four suits and a check for €1,000.

Celebralia, which can be visited in the morning and afternoon next Friday, November 5th and Saturday, November 6th, will cost €1 for those over 14 years old and can be purchased at the Venue ticket offices.

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