They urgently need a Mental Health Strategy without prevention

this Spanish office of the European Parliament On Monday, it hosted a seminar that featured the European Union’s response to protect the population from epidemic-related problems. Sanityconcentrated after Covid-19 pandemic. At the focal point of the discussion, the speakers highlighted the necessity of developing a Strategy on this issue.

In the introduction, Celso Arango, manager of the Institute of Psychiatry and Mental Health At the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, he warned of a “lack of preventive measures” and “public health policies” focused on addressing conditions already known due to years of research, such as risk factors or causes of increased vulnerability.

On the other hand, he noted that:huge heterogeneityHe questioned the importance attached to investing in mental health, depending on the country, and some of the actions taken during the coronavirus crisis that “we certainly won’t do it again”, not for a linear answer, but situations personalized. Likewise, he warned others factors employment quality is “gaining strength”, such as those related to climate change and pollution or social conditions.

After this brief analysis, Arango urged officials to keep actions as “cost-efficient” as possible and away from any short-term nature. So, he offered to intervene. childhood and adolescenceConsidering that the average age of onset of mental disorders in the EU is 14.5. “If I want to prevent something that will start soon, I have to intervene very quickly,” he praised.


“What we have and experienced is cruel to all European citizens,” he said. pains Montserrat, deputy of the PP inside European Parliament Y former Minister of Health. During his lineup, he argued how the European Commission realized that “it will never happen to us again” that it is necessary to be prepared not only for a health crisis like Covid-19, but also for other illnesses, including mental illness. health.

It should not be forgotten that the European Parliament passed a resolution last July, which indicates that mental health is not as a priority as physical health and demands more concrete steps for this. In this sense, Montserrat does this simply as a Strategy against cancer at European levelit also develops one of their own in “reducing the gaps” and in Mental Health that patients, associations, professionals and Member States can rely on.

On your own behalf Star Hard, PSOE MEPFor now, the European Commission’s “a approach integralOn mental health, which will cover many general directorates whose results are expected to be obtained in the second quarter of 2023. “the next health crisis”.

For example, Durà assured that the EU “can do many things”. Among these, he suggested that if a Strategy is drawn up it would include:Suggestions” As required minimum number of professionals “For an upward convergence of Member States”. Or, at the same time, through legislation in the field Health labor“with the recognition of diseases such as anxiety or depression as occupational diseases”.


Apart from the political issue, other segments of the population have determined other forms of action. This situation Pink toilets, Professor of Psychopathology He denounced the University of Valencia, who invited us to “rethink our entire healthcare system” and encourage a “State agreement”, that “we have not come and certainly will not in the future” with the current model of care.

In his speech, he stated that it would not be enough to increase the number of psychologists and psychiatrists. Even if it tripled, he complained, “we won’t be able to reach all people with mental health problems.” For this reason he offeredreach as many places as possible”, to take advantage of new technologies and at the same time add value to their policies health promotion to “empower” people.

On your own behalf Diana Diaz, manager between helplines between ANAR Foundationnoted an increase in their perceived increase in requests from both minors and relatives after noting an increase in risk states related to anxiety, depression, addiction, grief, sadness, or low self-esteem.

Faced with this, Díaz said, “marking of the riskAmong the younger population, such as “mood changes, prolonged isolation, attempts to self-harm, or problems sleeping or eating.” Likewise, he suggested investigating what is what. reasons influencing their condition, assuring that among the most common they found “concomitant loneliness” or “lack of emotional references”.


Given the debating tour and the personal situation a survival assistant is exposed to suicide The “contradiction” situation of a young family member, which the young population is currently experiencing, was addressed. This person referred to the high levels of “self-demanding and frustration” experienced by a generation around them.high expectations and peer pressure” collides with a “crisis and unstable” world.

Before this exhibition, Diana Díaz said, ” self respect”. Rosa Baños, on the other hand, states that progress has been made not only in the problem of the “specific person”, but also in the direction of family, social or “psychological well-being”.

From a political point of view, Estrella Durà” TaskIt is “one of the cornerstones that the Mental Health Strategy must have” in order for the Mental Health Strategy to be “quality, valuable and socially protected”. insecurity acts at the organizational level rather than at the individual level. After sharing the fact that “Only 2% of young Europeans say they will go to a mental health service when they have a problem,” Dolors Montserrat said, “finalize stamps and labels” and “take it to ourselves” claims.

Finally, Celso Arango, suicide about a medical health issue” and therefore it needs “aggressive investment at all levels” to lower current rates. However, he denounced that situations of “social injustice” with young people like those experienced during the pandemic could not be repeated, claiming that the public system knew to “minimize the harm” of survivors.

Because health is what we all need…

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