this is your health insurance

this is your health insurance

The services offered by different operators in Spain have a growing choice. And in this case, Both Orange and Vodafone We wanted to bet on the health sector. Therefore, from now on, we will find the monthly rate in their catalogue. have health insurance.

Each of these operators fully health world from different companies. Vodafone did this after forming an alliance with Caser. On the Orange side, however, it goes hand in hand with MAPFRE.

Orange Salud ratio

It was last July that the deal between Orange and MAPFRE became official, but one of their first deals on that date has not been formalized to date. From now on, customers of the French operator will have the option only 4.90 euros per month have a digital health service that they can get make an appointment and get primary care medical consultations without waiting anywhere.


However, the price above is for one adult person individually. In your case, if you are interested in being for two underage adults, the family price will be 9.95 euros per month. Also, users will enjoy a free month and when that period expires they can unsubscribe without any commitment. well What is included in Orange Salud?:

  • general medicine medical chat: Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with unlimited use and prescription capability.
  • Medical chat with specialist without additional costs.
  • Instant video consultation or with general practitioners.
  • Electronic medical prescription.
  • All history of services used, reports etc. health folder that provides access.
  • Unlimited use oxygen saturation meter.
  • Symptom Evaluator: that the patient, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, can have diagnostic orientation as well as the specialist who needs to treat him.
  • Two free sessions psychology video consultancy.

vodafone health care

Like Orange, the red operator has its own service health insurance and telemedicine Thanks to the deal he made with Caser. In addition, Vodafone’s offer includes what is necessary when we want to get medical help from anywhere we cannot go personally. And these are three health fees It offers all the features:

  • Vodafone Individual Health with 6.95 € per month per person: offers video and teleconsultations no limit General Medicine and 24/7 without overpaying for specialists and emergencies. We’ll have experts and face-to-face testing, but you only pay for what you use. It also includes oral health, and with Selfie Health, mobile check-up can be done.
  • Vodafone Health for the whole family with 17 euros per month (3-5 insured): offers all of the above, but 3 to 5 insured and telemedicine for pets.
  • For more Vodafone Healthcare with 49.90 € per person: This service offers a full range of face-to-face and digital healthcare no pay. Tests, specialists and therapeutic treatments are included. It also includes 24/7 hospitalization and emergencies, complete oral care and child dental plan, and check-up with Selfie Health.

Vodafone Healthcare

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