Wants Sports Act to legalize deal with CVC

Wants Sports Act to legalize deal with CVC

League decided to leave Ukraine on TV broadcasts of matches. The Employers Association replaced the flag with the slogan “Sports for All Act”. Javier Thebes He puts the war aside to increase the pressure on him. State and try to salvage his deal with the mutual fund resume. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona Y athletic they refused this message to appear at their meeting.

Recently, LaLiga decided to threaten a football strike earlier. world if approved the project they are working on PSOE Y PP. Negotiation sources assure that “no change was ever made”. Super LeagueJust as Tebas made excuses for threatening strikes in the coming days.

The hidden reason for this increasing pressure is that LaLiga needs a new league. Sports Law It legally protects Tebas’ agreement with CVC. If that doesn’t happen, the mutual fund could break the deal and demand millions of euros from the clubs.

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Apart from this agreement, there are Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic Club. These teams offered an alternative to other clubs still in effect: 2.000 million euro loan at 2.3% interest. It is a much more profitable transaction than the 20% or 25% interest that sports organizations will pay to CVC in 50 years.

Javier Tebas appeared before the media.

Javier Tebas appeared before the media.


This offer from Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic is still valid and financially supported. J.P. Morgan, Merrill Lynch Y HSBC. The lawsuit against LaLiga and Javier Tebas for the CVC operation worries the president of the employers’ association, and therefore he is trying to legalize the contract with the new Sports Law.

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Real Madrid and Barcelona deny that they want to increase their revenue from TV rights, as LaLiga points to increasing pressure. The two biggest clubs in Spain have only increased money from this game by 9% over the past eight years, while the rest of the team is seeing an average of 124% increase in TV revenues.

interests of Thebes

The agreement with CVC includes: A clause that Javier Tebas should continue as president for the next few years. Since starting his current job, Tebas has increased his salary significantly. From 360,000 euros a year to over 3.6 million euros he is currently earning.

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Therefore, Tebas traded the Russian invasion of Ukraine for his own private war on Spanish television. Employers argue that the deal with CVC would endanger 10,000m euros if it did not have legal protection. Which mutual fund? Xavier de Jaime is the top manager, he has retained the option to seek appropriate compensation from LaLiga should the contract be declared illegal, and there is also the possibility of breaking the deal if the Sports Act does not ‘whiten’ him.

What Tebas wants is for the Sports Act to override RD 5/2015, which requires the joint sale of television rights to LaLiga matches. This Royal Decree creates a serious legal problem for Tebas if Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic relied on in their lawsuit against LaLiga and if justice should settle with these clubs.

Pedri plays under pressure from Toni Kroos at El Clásico

Pedri plays under pressure from Toni Kroos at El Clásico


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Currently, the message “Sports Law for All” was not seen in Real Madrid-Sevilla, but the flag of Ukraine was seen. Both the white club and FC Barcelona and Athletic Club refused to allow Tebas to engage in politics based solely on his personal interests at meetings and in the press.

LaLiga’s hit before the World Cup is the latest threat to Tebas’ desperate attempt to salvage his deal with CVC through the Sports Act. The employer’s boss is the one who incited the strike against his own business, despite the fact that he would have to reimburse the television stations if this happened.

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