Xunta raises aid for mental health programs over one million euros

Xunta raises aid for mental health programs over one million euros

Santiago de Compostela, 24 October 2022 this Official Gazette in Galician In today’s issue, it publishes a new loan extension for the financing of socio-health programs in the field of mental disorders. With this new item of 121,193 Euros, Xunta de Galicia exceeds one million Euros to support more than 50 projects in the field of mental health.

The protection of mental health remains one of the health priorities of the Galician Executive, so it continues to take measures to improve the quality of life of the population suffering from this type of disorder. That’s why Minister of Health Julio García Comesaña was highlighted at the forum “Depression and suicide in Galicia”, where patients, relatives and representatives of the Spanish Association of Psychiatry and Mental Health discussed the state of depression. regional level suicide

Since 2020, the Galician Post-Covid-19 Mental Health Plan has carried out actions aimed at increasing the autonomy of patients with mental disorders, promoting social normalization and liberation from stigma of people suffering from such diseases. This plan was endowed with a budget of 83 million euros for the period 2020-2024.

In this sense, cooperation and participation with unifying structures and organizations specializing in the care of patients with mental disorders has been identified as one of the priority areas of work for Xunta de Galicia. Therefore, this Plan meant that in 2020 €500,000 worth of special assistance would be called for in this area, the amount already exceeded €1 million in 2022 and more than 50 organizations have benefited. Through these grants, the Galician Executive supports employment promotion for people with mental disorders, suicide prevention programs and primarily community intervention programs for people with serious mental disorders.

In addition, the Plan created 241 new positions for specialist mental health personnel. Since the launch of the plan, Sergas has already recruited 125 new professionals. Galicia’s budget for 2023, assuming an item of 2.6m euros, considers creating 61 more places for mental health professionals.

Accordingly, the Galician community increased the number of places for mental health professionals in this year’s call, increasing the number of clinical psychology training places by 53% and the number of psychiatry training places by 33%. Galicia will also be one of the first autonomous communities to train specialists in child and adolescent psychiatry, an achievement highly requested by professionals in this field.

The plan allowed for the opening of two child and adolescent mental health hospitals in Vigo, Santiago, Ourense and Lugo to improve the mental health care of precisely this population. The goal is to complete all health areas by 2023 so that the new locations created include those needed to start the operation of the child and adolescent mental health day hospitals in A Coruña, Ferrol and Pontevedra.

To ensure coverage for these new positions, a law sponsored by Xunta was recently passed in the Galician Parliament to call all professionals eligible for the public health system for psychology, psychiatry and nursing positions through the merit competition system. this plan.

Suicide Prevention in Galicia

When it comes to suicide prevention, Xunta’s head of health portfolio said, “There was only one suicide prevention unit in Ourense in Galicia in 2019.” However, “with the commissioning of units in A Coruña, Vigo, Ferrol, Lugo and Pontevedra, this figure will rise to 6 this year”. He also announced that “the aim of Xunta de Galicia is to complete this map and launch a suicide prevention unit in the Santiago region this year.”

In his speech, García Comesaña emphasized the importance of caring for the emotional well-being of the population throughout their lives, with special emphasis on its care in childhood and youth. It therefore valued the new Protocol for prevention and action in the fields of health and education in the face of child and adolescent suicide risk. A measure launched with the Ministry of Education coordinates 061 with schools, primary care centers and mental health professionals to identify the first rapid pathway for referral and assessment of suicide risk in adolescence.

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