Activists for public health call for Manises Hospital to be reversed

"Ir al médico en el área de salud de Manises es soportar largas colas de espera"

this Public Health Advocacy Platformmade up of citizens different municipalitiesamong those Peanut, Quart de Poblet, jesus quarter, BayRiba-red and Mislatagathered at their gates Manises Hospital sue improvements Manises’ health directorate, which serves and requests all this population, is in the Primary Care. definitive return from a specific management system to a general management system in this department.

Plus Coordination more between hospitals and health centers health personnel to meet all the demands of citizens and more telephone lines For some users who take “weeks” to make an appointment with their GP.

Although the platform acknowledges that After previous mobilizations “communication with health centers and hospital has improved”, “we still have to endure” Waiting for a long time on the phone to make an appointment with our doctor and go to the health center in person means enduring long queues.They also continue that “consulting the family doctor is delayed by weeks or even a month in some centers”.

The public health platform reads the manifesto at Manises today. AM

“missing” emergencies

They also complain about hospital not hurt“Due to the lack of staff and the closure of some auxiliary medical centers that did not return to service after the pandemic.

Therefore, at the concentration they demand, Generalitat Valenciana’s budgets, 25% of Health is allocated to Primary Care; improve communication with health centers and hospitals; He Increasing the bus line connecting the districts of the health directorate to Manises Hospital; Whereatexpanding the staff of professionals reduce waiting lists and reverse the current private-to-public management of this health department.

Manises Health Area Call Center Extends Attention to Primary Care

The privately administered Manises Health Department states that it “continues to expand telephone service in Primary Care in the municipalities of Mislata, Manises and Aldaia.” Calls answered by this health area are answered by its own Call Center, which was established at the start of the pandemic and is located both at the Manises Hospital and at the health center in the towns of Ribarroja Quart de Poblet, and most recently in Manises, Mislata. and Aldaia. This service consists of Reception staff from the health centers of the population they serve, as well as Hospital staff who come in when all the phones in the health center are already busy, they say from the hospital itself.

“When we established this call center, we had the goal of responding to the health needs of the population in a timely manner in the adverse conditions that the project was born with. At the moment, the results ensure that we have achieved this goal,” he said. Manises Health Department director Dr. Ricardo Trujillo.

In addition, the data “show how a centralized formula for patient care and information accelerates the health response of the population,” says Dr. trujillo

They also call for its inclusion. Ambulance in remote health centers of Manises and Specialization Center hospital.

In addition to dozens of activists working for public health, political figures such as Atatürk attended the meeting. Corts Valencianes, Member of the Board of Trustees of Unides-Podem in Pilar Lima and its members Manises Municipality Joint Stock Company from different parties. Between them Rafa Mercader, Podem councilor and Angel Mora, PSPV councilor from the same government team.

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