BBVA Financial Health | “Not paying attention to our financial health creates stress problems”

The Auditorium of the University of Murcia on the La Merced campus hosted the forum last Thursday.Financial health as a lifestyle‘, organized by BBVA and daily OPINIONRegional manager of BBVA Este, Count David; Doctor in Forensic and Health Psychology, Laura Rojas-Marcos; and Celler de Can Roca’s award-winning conductor, joan rock.

A journalist was the moderator of the discussion, which was attended by representatives from the business, education and accommodation sectors. lily seaMedia Space of Grupo Zambudio and Business Development Director of TCero Studios.

The importance of financial health

After mandatory introductions, first set of questions about to guests the importance of financial health to a bank’s favorite spot BBVA sees this as one of its priorities in the Group strategy.

“The future is responsibility”

Joan Roca – conductor of Celler de Can Roca

David Conde was the first to respond. health is linked to food, financial health depends on the economy. The count began by giving a Definition of ‘Financial Health’One of the strategies of the BBVA Group «It allows you to take control of your financial situation, give you peace of mind, reduce your stress and make your future decisions with peace of mind.». Conde explained that this has been one of the priorities of BBVA since «.a bank must be able to survive as its customers should.».

Inflation problem

BBVA Este regional manager, ‘inflation‘, «even hearing this worries us» and one of the best places to discuss these financial health issues, University.

Conde explained the ideal percentages of spending that should be included in a budget. 50 percent, 30 percent and 20 percentBe 50 living expenses and try to get one 25% savings and this debt never exceeds 30%. «You need to have the cushions to face the unforeseen events and always take on the worst and set savings goals regardless of wealth, but these goals are not achieved alone, on the basis of altruism. The fourth leverage should be to protect your investment».

“Understanding your economy will help you understand yourself”

Laura Rojas-Marcos – Doctor of Clinical Forensics and Health Psychology

Laura Rojas-Marcos, for her part, identify the source of financial stress«“We need to learn to identify it.”».

«To face difficult moments, we must develop coping strategies and devote our energies to analyzing and organizing to solve something intelligently, or even asking for help and reliable information.».

Financial health is “taking control of your economy, giving you a sense of peace, eliminating stress, and being able to face future decisions with peace of mind”

The doctor explainedYoung people are not offered financial information from a young age. Understanding your economy will help you understand yourself. When we control decisions, uncertainty and worries are minimized».

Queue in this first block Chef Joan Roca who mentionedshopping cart habits to improve our internal economy and financial health».

rock stressed the importance of getting information and stop think about where our food comes from. We live in a time when there is more interest in cooking than ever before, but less cooking at home».

The Can Roca chief put special emphasis on the following fact: we must not abuse the use of the food industry. «As I explain in my book ‘Cocina o barbarie’, we have to get back to cooking as a family, because if we don’t cook we lose our memory, knowledge and health.».

Group photo of the participants in the discussion. Israel Sanchez

Joan Roca also wanted value the small producer and local product figure«Relying on the complicity of the people and you have it in Murcia. At Can Roca, we know that we must use the best product and give priority to the ‘0 kilometer’ product. We must return to home cooking with fresh produce and apply basic economic criteria as businessmen.». Roca explained that it was up to him to make the decision in his case. common sense before his brothers, the creator and the poet. «The company must survive in order to continue operating, and this allows us to create wealth around us.».

Situation of Spanish society relative to other countries

David Conde, if financial stress because “There was no necessary pause at a given moment. Unforeseen events must be planned because they will always happen and we must think of technology as an ally and learn to empower.».

Laura Rojas, «As a society, we are all increasingly aware and have greater access to information and new technologies. Life is change and change is life. There are also opportunities in change and the possibility of reinventing yourself without losing your head or sense of humor.».

Joan Roca, for her part, in each of the changes that affect them crisis served themcreate and seize opportunities. It’s important to have a good ally, a bank like BBVA who can advise you and bet on sustainability values.».

“We should set ourselves savings targets”

David Conde – Regional Director BBVA East

Roca pointed out that they even started their own projects in Can Roca. own farmwith six people who grew it in their gardens and even saved lost seeds geoplasm banks in Norway or Ecuador. «a worked restoration of biodiversity. Romantic but responsible».

In the third question block, Laura Rojas emphasized: family meals «Gain space to practice managing emotions» and David Conde, «The important thing is to manage people according to their memories-roots-values, and at BBVA we are with self-employed people who are ready to empathize with the client, especially the men’s and women’s orchestra, who take their business problems home and vice versa.».

Young people have great hope of financial health

In the fourth and final block of the discussion, The future of youth and financial health.

BBVA regional manager, Count DavidHighlighted on advice for young people «they will come and we have hope. The next generation is being educated in financial education, and by 2025, BBVA has set itself the goal of training two million people.». The Count emphasized «The biggest advantage of young people is that they are digital natives.».

for your share Laura Rojas explained”We need to know how to incorporate new knowledge, respect healthy times and habits, and know what to do today so that my future self can feel proud and grateful.».

Finally joan rock said feel hopeful and optimistic «because there are values ​​and there is desire». Referring to the youth, he asked them to dream and fight for them, without hurrying and looking to the future responsibly. «The future is about being responsible and cooking by asking your mothers and grandmothers. The world would be a better place if cooking was taught in schools».

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BBVA Financial Health |  "Not paying attention to our financial health creates stress problems"

BBVA Financial Health | “Not paying attention to our financial health creates stress problems”

The Auditorium of the University of Murcia on the La Merced campus hosted the forum.Financial health as a lifestyle‘, organized by BBVA and daily VIEW OF MurciaRegional…

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