“Butter” willing to explain its business model

"Butter" willing to explain its business model

In the midst of the company’s crisis 3.14 InvestmentsLocated in Sabana Grande de Boya, the organization’s CEO Wilkin García Peguero, better known as “Butterinsisted that his project was legit and that it worked because it “has the tools and capacity to continue to create wealth.”

Claiming to have a “magic formula” to multiply money, the teenager denounced that his company was subjected to a “negative campaign” by the national financial system, which he saw as “competition”.

“No, we would support them because if he invests in our company he creates more wealth, which goes to the bank they trust,” he said in a video he posted and shared on YouTube.Butter” To Diario Libre.

In Peguero’s view, the Banks Inspectorate’s attitude towards him was to fail to understand his business model, so he insisted on his call to “sit down with friends” to explain what it was all about.

“We also invite the Government to be a spokesperson, facilitator and supporter of entrepreneurship, a supporter of innovators so that other young people are motivated and involved in the world of knowledge and start creating (brands). can make significant progress.” He gave advice in the video that lasted 15 minutes and 48 seconds.

In addition, he urged the State to transform schools into polytechnics so that students can receive training in the technical-professional modality, as it does at the National School of Arts and Crafts, which is today the Institute of Technological Arts and Crafts. and writing will not allow a young person to enter the world of work”.

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“We are not scammers”

Butter” he defended himself again and assured that it was not so. cheat Like “They wanted to sell it in some media”.

“We have not deceived anyone until now. We had a setback just because of the system in front of us. If they allow us to work in peace, we will give good results”Wilkin Garcia Peguero (Butter) 3.14 CEO of Investments

Similarly, he regretted that these were his products. “an attack” He described it as “state fault, because people understand we’re dealing with bundles of money,” that two of its members died as a result of banks’ refusal to open accounts on their behalf.

“I don’t understand why there are so many attacks on our people.. We went to a town to do good, we went to a town with good feelings. If it is a sin to do good in our country, we should think like that with a culture of selfishness, unfortunately, we should review the policy in this country,” he said.

He was upset that some politicians had the antonym of the word politics, which is pure science that looks after the collective welfare.

“We will keep moving forward”

CEO 3.14 Investments He assured them that they would continue to move forward despite the “great challenges” they had overcome.

“We work day and night because we have a tension created by the system itself as a result of an abuse of power being committed against us. “We will keep fighting and we will move forward because this project will be great, this project has come to enrich the homes that are still waiting for help,” he said.

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