Colegio de la Bici, the Latin American benchmark for technology and mobility

As part of the goal to consolidate Bogota as an environmentally sustainable city that promotes the use of technologies and the responsible use of resources, the Colegio de la Bici, a regional educational institution for more than a thousand students, opened in 2021. Its pedagogical approach is the use of science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and humanities to solve local problems.

It is located in the town of Bosa and is the first of its kind in Latin America, and its corporate education project takes the bike as the center of pedagogical action, thus promoting sustainable mobility from collaborative learning and inclusive education, the way culture, healthy lifestyles, environmental care and civic skills in students and their families.

“We believe that teaching and learning at Colegio de la Bici should be strengthened with technological tools and a change in our pedagogical practices,” said Willington Gómez, the rector of the institution.

Therefore, in addition to the educational approach, alliances with other institutions and organizations voiced in the building of a better society contribute to the participatory spirit of students and society in programs, networks and projects such as: school by bike, Centipedes, Children First, Bosa Philharmonic Orchestra, Botany Playground and the famous Cycling School.

Then a trill where the ICT Higher District Council shared a video about the Cycling College:

Within its infrastructure, there are three training centers with SENA, where tenth and eleventh grade students receive double degrees, thanks to the fields offered by the institution to develop skills responsive to the fourth industrial revolution, for example: Mechanical basic high-end and middle-class bicycles, Promotion in Road Safety, Sports Training, Sportswear for Textile Manufacturing, Management of cultural events and much more.

In addition, Colegio de la Bici has clubs with a technological emphasis for all ages that encourage the active participation of its students, acquire the skills that are at the forefront, and enable them to connect with their job options when they complete their schooling.

This is the case of 3D modeling and printing, programming, robotics and mixed and augmented reality. “These tools allow us to put various aspects of daily life into practice and motivate us to keep working as we begin to learn and contribute to society in a very fun way,” said ninth grader Oriana Garcés.

Based on this commitment to community work, Colegio de la Bici manages an integrated project that adheres to 30% of all key issues. For this reason, students seek solutions to the problems around them with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) approach supported by the District Directorate of National Education, which gives 2 awards to their projects with great social impact. Preparation for the STEM Olympics in 2021.

Bogota, Territorio STEM: Formation of 21st century knowledge and skills

Bogota STEM District is an initiative of the district administration that supports the development of the capacities, skills and abilities of the fourth industrial revolution in more than 35,000 students. This guarantees the participation of public educational institutions in 4 programs:

Saber Digital 4.0 Plan, which strengthens STEM learning environments in 200 schools and develops science and technology skills in more than 60 administrators, 12,000 teachers, 2,250 parents or caregivers, and 14,789 students at the district level.

· STEM+Transform Network of 60 teachers who exchange experiences to strengthen and transform learning environments with a STEM approach.

· STEM Clubs, where 18 face-to-face study sessions are developed in schools where educational experiences that contribute to facing current challenges through education in science and technology are carried out.

· STEM Olympics in the 2022 edition with 694 registered teams from 281 educational institutions, 508 teachers from 20 locations, 321 parents or caregivers, and 3,192 students.

In the current version of the STEM Olympics 2022, Colegio de la Bici has more than 280 students participating in 10 study societies, 4 of which are in the final part of the 3 existing categories. This created a healthy spirit of competition in students and teachers, in which collective work and the great ability of girls, boys and young people to solve public problems reign.

You may be interested 🙁Do you know what the STEM Olympics are? Here we tell you all the details)

ROUTE 100K: the technological infrastructure for knowledge ownership

‘Route 100K Connect and learn!’ It is a strategy that designs a comprehensive response to vulnerable students in public schools to bridge the digital divide in Bogota since 2020. This is done at three times:

· Access to devices: The Ministry of Education, with the support of allies and coordination with local mayors, has delivered more than 110,000 devices to students from 383 public schools.

· Connectivity: From the delivered delivery, 102,053 devices have free 3G and 4G Internet service for academic and recreational activities that strengthen their pedagogical processes.

· Training for the development of digital skills: 51,354 students received training on digital security issues, the correct use of social networks and ICT in general.

During the pandemic, this initiative of the Region benefited about 95% of Colegio de la Bici students with training in virtuality and use and exploitation to develop projects being worked on within the institution.

This educational institution represents the future of a sustainable society that integrates a smart region and invites all people and students who are interested in improving people’s quality of life by leveraging technological tools and new knowledge approaches.

As a complement to the RUTA 100K, the Bogotá Secretary of Education provides connectivity for students, teachers and administrative staff of 723 official schools, including 675 in urban areas and 48 in rural areas.

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