Handball: Bidasoa Irun moves forward with enthusiasm in Europe

The Bidasoa Irun squad celebrates progressing to the Europa League group stage. / BIDASOA IRUN

In Kolstad Stadium, irundarra lost to three and the draw that went to the group stage was determined by penalties.

Bidasoa Irun is still alive and soulful in Europe, very soulful. Both in the match and penalty shootout. The irundarras, who drew 30-27 in Artaleku last week, were defeated 28-25, and the draw leading to the Europa League group stage was determined from seven meters.

After a draw at five in the first round, a second started, which was decided when there was a goal difference after starting the two teams. And that’s thanks to Harbaoui’s rescue of Langeland and the subsequent success of Cavero, who again this Tuesday made it 100% in this task, four times in the game and twice on the penalty shootout. Despite the fact that the whole team achieved a very complex goal a priori, they were heroes in resolving the draw.

While Bidasoa Irun is playing one of the ten games he will play in the group stage that will be drawn tomorrow, it would be appropriate to remember his tightrope walk in Trondheim, where a team with a budget of six million played. Bidasoa’s 1.5 million) relied on raising Artaleku’s 30-27. What this European nouveau richness did not expect was such a serious and effective performance by the team from Irun, where they once lost 17-13, just over three goals.

Almost four in a row by Azkue

Taking advantage of the fact that Bidasoa was unsuccessful offensively, Kolstad took the draw 7-4 in the thirteenth minute, but like Irun, this Tuesday’s game was one with many ups and downs on the scoreboard, many partials. For example, 1-5, where Bidasoa Irun swapped 8-5 for 9-10, is the first lead of the afternoon. Azkue scored almost four points in a row from eighth to twelfth to stop Skrzyniarz, who came into play in the 15th minute, saved the penalty at 11-12, and the match likewise went into a 12-13 timeout. In the first quarter of an hour, 8-5 was recorded, similar to the 4-8 of the second episode.


Bergerud (8 saves), Smarason (2), Aalberg (4), Langeland (6), Setterblom (5), Gullerud (1), Gudjonsson (6) – starting seven – Eggen (2 saves), Aga, Bjorkas, Ronning , Schaaning, Dahl, Kaergaard (1), Daling and Lyse (3).


Harbaoui (2 stops), Cavero (6, 4 pen.), Zabala, Salinas (3), Tesoriere, Da Silva, Asier Nieto (1) – starting from seven – Skrzyniarz (15 stops, 1 pen.), Ugarte, Gay- Emparan (1), Furundarena, Julen (3), Mitic, Azkue (6), Gorka Nieto (3) and Garcia (2).

  • Marker every five minutes:
    2-1, 4-3, 8-5, 9-8, 11-12, 12-13 (rest); 16-13, 18-17, 19-19, 22-21, 24-23 and 28-25 (finals).

  • penalties:
    All five rounds scored (Langeland, Gudjonsson, Lyse, Aalberg and Smarason for domestics and Cavero, Salinas, Azkue, Julen and Gorka Nieto for visitors) and in the second round Medhi stopped Langeland and Cavero recorded the decisive penalty. .

  • Referees:
    Local Smarason and bidasotarras García (twice), Asier grandson Furundarena, Croatian Davor and Zoran Loncar excluding Cavero and Zabala.

Bidasoa Irun paused with the feeling that what was portrayed as impossible was in their hands. However, Kolstad could not afford to be eliminated so soon, and again taking advantage of his opponent’s offensive blackout, he entered the 36th minute with a 17-13 lead.

By 7’30” Bidasoa scored the first goal of the second half, followed by half a dozen more, finishing the 2-7 streak in eight minutes, bringing Julen to 19 with three goals in a row. The Yellows were once again up 19-20 and at this point in the game they could start thinking about their three-goal win from Irun.

Skrzyniarz determinant

A fresh return to the frying pan (3-0 in two minutes) put Kolstad ahead, and after the 22nd draw they went 24-22 from a ball and eight-minute maximum stretch, which they lost against Bidasotarra, and the scoreboard showed it. Differences of one or two targets that classify Bidasoa Irun.

Skrzyniarz was making saves and in that decisive moment, he landed fifteen hits, which is a significant number in the 45-minute game. However, with fifteen seconds to go, the Norwegian team made it 28-25 and the draw ended in penalties when Salinas’ shot hit the wall.

Interestingly, even though the Polish goalkeeper was coming out, the penalties were alternately with the Franco-Tunisian Harbahoui, who stopped a Norwegian shot, while Cavero (13 in 14 penalty shootouts in the league, 2 out of 3 and 4 in the first leg) 4 this Tuesday), threw out the first of the clashes and repeated it with the decisive one.

Bidasoa Irun is excitedly moving into the Europa League group stage, which Granollers have already been waiting for and Benidorm, who lost 34-30 to Amicitia Zurich but won by 10 on Going.

Jacobo Cuétara is “very proud and even excited”

The coach of the Irundarra team said he was “very proud and even excited to take on this challenge. The team and also the club are growing and that gives us the cachet to eliminate an opponent like Kolstad who is a clear favourite, and get out of a messy situation”.

However, “Penalty shootouts are very difficult because you depend on small moves. I told the players to stay calm and not get on their nerves.” Riosellano added, “Maybe the way to solve the draw in this way is a bit unfair, but our classification is fair because we were better at Irun and we did very well in this game.” Unfortunately, with fewer goals, we would have saved ourselves from going to penalties.”

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