Handball takes center stage once again at Moguer with world-class Technical Conferences

Handball takes center stage once again at Moguer with world-class Technical Conferences

This weekend has once again been the focus of current events for Spanish handball, with the celebration of first-level Technical Conferences with key figures such as Moguer, Manolo Laguna, Jorge Martínez and Rodrigo Reñones as speakers. well-known national and international prestigious technicians It is directly affiliated with the Spanish Handball Federation.

The sessions are part of the program of commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of CB Pedro Alonso Niño de Moguer (PAN Moguer) with the support of Moguer City Council, Huelva Provincial Council and the Handball Federation and They will take place in the city of the poet this afternoon until noon on Sunday.

Gustavo Cuéllar, mayor of Moguer; PAN president Enrique Cumbreras and the three major technicians who will be delivering the speeches presented these conferences this morning along with Juan A. García, vice president of Diputación. Fifty monitors and coaches signed up Join hands with the best possible teaching team in handball who come to Moguer from all over Andalusia to improve their education and knowledge.

In previous years, CB PAN Moguer has held several technical handball conferences in which some of the sport’s most important national and international technicians have always participated. From the legendary Juan de Dios Román to Manolo Cadenas via Manuel Pastor or Valero RiberaThey have come to Moguer in other editions of these days to convey his teachings, which speaks volumes about the quality of this training offer that the Moguereño club has channeled to the entire world of Andalusian handball.

In these days of the Moguereño club’s fiftieth anniversary, maintaining the tremendous level of previous editions, PAN Moguer once again has the elite of Spanish coaches as it is among the participants. We are lucky to have the large Manolo Laguna figure.During one of the longest careers in national handball, he was a teacher and manager at the Spanish Federation Trainers’ School, in addition to being responsible for numerous Asobal teams.

Sessions with Manolo Laguna, Jorge Martínez, who has played for Asobal for 20 years, Handball Master Trainer from the European Federation and currently a member of the coaching staff of the Spanish Federation as the goalkeeping coach.

The prestigious technician staff, who will give lectures at Moguer this weekend, has been completed with the figure. Rodrigo Reñones, senior sports technician and national handball coachDuring his time as a player, he managed to become club world champion and win the Champions League among many other titles. He is in charge of the Spanish youth team, which was declared European champion this year.

The technical conferences will take place in the indoor pavilions of the Moguer Sports Center, which was recently christened Mayor Paco Díaz Olivares Sports Center. three intensive sessions with both theoretical and practical presentations About the most important aspects of the game that started that same Friday afternoon.

Known for his support of the Moguereño club by presenting a certificate of appreciation to the representative of the provincial body at the PAN 50th Anniversary Gala last Saturday, Diputación de Huelva has played a decisive role in this 50-year history of handball. In this sense, emphasizing his fundamental contribution to the commemoration events of the fiftieth anniversary and, in particular, to the organization of these first-level Technical Conferences, Moguer is once again at the forefront of national handball.

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