Health seeks cooperation of Martos City Council to “reduce tension” due to health condition

Health seeks cooperation of Martos City Council to "reduce tension" due to health condition

Drawing || 25 October 2022

Elena González, the board’s delegate for Health and Consumption in Jaén, asked Martos City Council to cooperate to “de-escalate” the state of the health center in this town. shortage of medical staff and delays in accessing appointments.

“We asked the District Health and Consumption Delegation to cooperate with the Martos City Council to reduce the tension in citizenship that harms health professionals and users, and to raise awareness among citizens about the cancellation of these appointments. We will not use it,” explained the delegate, who met with the mayor, Emilio Torres.

He added that health center professionals “called users to remind them of the next day’s appointments, until they started a kind of telematics system that automatically reminded them of their appointments.”

González held a meeting this Tuesday with Emilio Torres, mayor of Martos, and Ana Matilde Expósito, member of the municipality’s Health council, and the management team of the Jaén-Jaén Sur District, where he continued to analyze the health situation. status of the health center and keep the dialogue open.

The delegate stressed that Martos has been “a priority” since coming to the Regional Delegation for Health and Consumer Affairs, noting that the “For a Better Martos” platform has already held two meetings to discuss and exchange views with its members. Transfer available resources to the Andalusian administration.

González also cited resources such as the three emergency teams that the Government of Andalusia provided to the Martos Health Center through the Ministry of Health and Consumption.

“A figure equal to the three emergency teams that only the capital of Jaén has,” he stressed. On the other hand, he announced that after the vacation plan for professionals was finalized, the Jaén-Jaén Sur District strengthened the area by hiring two more doctors and increased the afternoons alongside the return of another doctor who was on maternity leave. Changes to ensure continuity and accessibility of care for the Marte population. Also, two doctors remained in Martos counties, and three more doctors are scheduled to be recruited in November.

In October 2022, family doctors and pediatricians of the Martos core area offered to carry out these continuities, which means 20 more afternoons at the Medical consultation and another 5 afternoons at the pediatric consultations this month. Another 648 appointments for adults and 180 more for children and adolescents.

On the other hand, he underlined the activity marked by the New Primary Care Strategy 2020-2022, with the implementation of the Nurse Welcome Consultation for patients who come to health centers without an appointment and request healthcare services.

Only in the Ciudad de Martos health center, 2,377 patients were treated between January and August 2022, with a 56.79 percent resolution capacity by nurses and a national average of 52 percent by nurses at this consultation.

Elena González, “The Welcome Consultation is getting very good results and is very productive for all non-emergency cases, but it is not delayed so that everyone who goes to a health center can be treated.” said.

In this main area, there are 24,339 users who are connected to the Andalusian Public Health System, with 19 doctor and nurse quotas and 3 pediatrics, as well as with the emergency team between 08:00 and 15:00. There are two emergency points in the afternoon and evening, one in Martos and the other in Santiago de Calatrava.

There are 14 health centers between the two health centers in the city of Martos, and an average of 508 adult patients are treated daily, and an average of 20 to 40 patients are treated in the emergency and emergency departments of the city of Martos during working hours in the morning.

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