New business models and opportunities in Castilla-La Mancha

I Jornada Tierra de Oportunidades. Foto: Rebeca Arango.

The students were shy when raising their hands. Mar G. Illan, director asked UCLM students if they believed the future would be better than now at the beginning I Land of Opportunities Conference. A lot braver they raised their hands when they hear the testimony One of the three expert speakers who attended this conference, which focused on the new business models of the 21st century by focusing on key topics such as renewable energy, digital transformation or slogistics industry with e-commerce as a pioneer.

The Aula Magna Madre de Dios on the UCLM Campus in Toledo hosted this conference organized by in conjunction with the Community College. about 200 students.

There, Alvaro Gutierrez de Cabiedesmain manager open market From BBVA Spain, he talked about how his bank was transformed from a more traditional banking business model. become a more “agile” company to take advantage of every “crevice” the markets leave.

They were also able to learn how Urban Castilla-La ManchaThe company behind the Central Iberum Platform, Illescas on logistics world mapbetting on a revolutionary new model that is now successful in the industry and leaves a few keys: «Listen to customer needs“TO betting on a booming industry who has a lot of future: e-commerce, As the vice president of this Illescan company explained at the conference, Miguel Angel Gonzalez Naranjo.

With Sarah Round, project development engineer More than 200 students of RIC Energy had the opportunity to hear firsthand what the future would look like in one of the trendy sectors, renewable energies. He shared with them his knowledge of the “new oil”. green hydrogenHow is Castilla-La Mancha land of opportunities for photovoltaics and with new business lines opening up to us sustainable development and fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda commitments.

I Land of Opportunities Conference.  Photo: Rebeca Arango.

I Land of Opportunities Conference. Photo: Rebeca Arango.

A dizzying transformation from “to be liked by the competition”

In just seven years BBVA It has increased 30% of its banking transactions from the web or application to 95%. It has moved from the traditional banking model to being an agile company that takes advantage of all kinds of market opportunities.

Equipment multidisciplinary, extreme customization your products, data analysis Y listen to customers There were some keys to this “revolution” that we created synergies to transform and modernize brought its banking presence to the point of “competitive acclaim”.

And according to Gutiérrez de Cabiedes, future of the world “yes or yes” technologicaland there he encouraged students to continue their education because, as he said, the future is “in your hands”.

«The world is volatile and unpredictableWe need to be liquid and break through the cracks of the market”, underlining that his company has changed the way it does business by leveraging the best ideas they have across a wide range of professional profiles.

Urban and its revolution in logistics

In the context of the economic crisis, Miguel Ángel González Naranjo and his father do something revolutionary. they started doing develop and market large parcels is currently in logistics references in the whole country. For example, from only one of the two centers Amazon has every day 250 thousand products come out sold online, a bet they made that day, and as a pioneer in the field, it’s paying off five years later and their business model doesn’t stop growing.

By asking customers, they understood that logistics was necessary. much larger areas that so far, and those who have used it “in the work of differentiating ourselves” have decided to “make a clear commitment to the development of the soil”. they have ever had Transformed more than 500 hectares of land industrial land, “thousands of square meters”, as well as adopting “friendly” policies to the environment and companies’ own employees Park areameasures CO2 compensationcomprehensive water treatment…».

So far, the companies that remain there are already giving Employment of 6 thousand 500 peoplebut this is a figure that will soon become obsolete, because business in Illescas does not stop growing and so the question arises, what will happen in the future?

The truth is that a lot of manpower will continue to be needed in this area, but not only as logistics operators, but also middle managers and executives of these companiesa space where he invites to train Business and Management students listening to González Naranjo at the Toledo Campus today.

“New oil”, photovoltaic opportunity…

Castilla-La Mancha is a region where photovoltaic energy and how it sprouts. There are more projects in progress and one of the companies dedicated to their implementation, RIC Energyattended this conference, led by Sara Redondo, who explained how the region became one of the key places due to a combination of several factors: on the one hand, very high solar radiation and one very competitive land priceThis brings dozens of projects to life.

In addition, he praised the speed with which they were managed in Castilla-La Mancha; this is something that is not available in all autonomous communities.

He also talked about new business models emerging with renewable energies. green hydrogen, “new oil”«, as he said, although he remembers that there are still some stages to go. “It is at a very developing stage,” he said, but it will be a product closely linked to renewable sources because it will use the energy necessary to produce it and in the future replace fossil fuelsalthough there are still regulatory, distribution and consumption barriers to overcome, despite remembering Spain cannot lose the lead in an industry that could be fundamental in the future.

Also, these new green businesses are key undertake ecological and energy transition To meet the sustainable development goals set by Spain and the European Union.

This 1st Land of Opportunities Conference (21st century business models) was supported by the BBVA and Toledo County Council. It also had an academic aspect. Carmen Diaz MoraProfessor of Applied Economics at the UCLM School of Law and Social Sciences, and Fatima Guadamillas Gomez Professor of Business Administration at the UCLM School of Law and Social Sciences. An event coordinated by Mar G. IllanDirector of

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