PSOE and PP head to head with Sports Act: accused of supporting “sports bosses” and Podemos points to Florentino Prez

PSOE and PP head to head with Sports Act: accused of supporting "sports bosses" and Podemos points to Florentino Prez


This afternoon, the Congress Culture and Sports Committee is meeting to give an opinion on the transfer of the Law and its vote in the General Assembly.

Echenique: “Parliament is not here to do Florentino Pérez’s will”

Almost all political parties Congressnot including PSOE and People’s Partyanti-new Sports Lawits final opinion will be voted on this Tuesday culture and sports committee. However conservative Between the two major formations of the Assembly accused of subordination to the “sports bosses” green light That’s why he’s taking football clubs on strike this weekend.

As many as 39 of the 42 teams that made up League They rejected the new text, which replaced the existing 1990 law. Parliamentary groups have until Tuesday to submit changes to the law, but everything indicates that there will be no major changes after the PSOE and PP agree to withdraw the amendments. on commercial rights, the possibility of vetoing by clubs participating in competitions, Super League or the need for employers to approve changes in the Federation with a prior report. All these issues leave the economic situation and the commitments of the teams to date in a “legal limbo” as many games have condemned this Tuesday.

It is a decision taken back by the two main parties, which has been criticized by spokespersons of all political views, and both formations are accused of subordinating interests, unlike the vast majority of clubs. Since to beThe PSOE’s key partner is implied this Tuesday as its chairman. real Madrid Who is behind the change in bipartisan position: “Parliament is not here to do its will. Florentine Perez“, the spokesperson launched purple In the room, Paul Echenique. He said the parliamentary group is working “so that the changes introduced by the different factions can continue” because “it considers it impossible to pass a law from this parliament that causes the Football League to come to a standstill for the first time in decades”.

What changes are you talking about? Mainly for a transaction citizensIncluded with Compoms. As the MP announced today Orange William DazCiudadanos proposes a mechanism that guarantees the “security of law” of all clubs, especially the most modest ones, in the face of an “inexplicable” change of criteria. popular and socialists.

“It will cause more problems”

As suggested by its inception, a change Ins ArrimadasIt is hoped that it will have the maximum possible support. Moreover soundPublicly opposed to the new norm despite welcoming an update of the 1990 text. good”.

They say “it will cause more problems than it will solve”. Santiago Abascal, because “it has already been answered by the clubs that announced the strike”. Education is also critical to mainstreaming gender ideology, which means a lack of protection for women. In this sense, one of the 81 amendments presented by Vox advocates distinguishing men’s and women’s competitions based on biological sex only.

other parties like commitments anyone More Countries They also rejected the agreement between the PP and PSOE, demanding that the new Sports Act guarantee the safety and protection of “more modest” clubs. In this sense, the Spokesperson for Conciliation, Joan Baldovannounced a change so that the marketing of audiovisual content should be done jointly and never separately.

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