Public Health Agency: What conditions should it have?

Ildefonso Hernández Aguado and Rafael Ortí.

this State Public Health Agency (Aesap) must be one independent entityone of the main axes information and communication systems and together more than 200 workers. this number of doctorsand other professionals that Aesap should at least start with, according to experts. The Ministry of Health continues to work on the Institution’s criteria and requirements and may announce them. in a few weeks. At the moment, the applying autonomous communities are cautious about discussing the details of their candidacy, as the law establishing the Agency has not yet been approved.

First of all, both Ildefonso Hernandez AguadoAs Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health and former Director General of Public Health of the Ministry, Rafael OrtiPresident of the Spanish Society for Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Hygiene (Sempsph), they are more concerned with the “Agency’s own requirements”. not the destination”. Despite its relevance for regional governments, there is currently only one indicator of deconcentration of the state-institutional public sector as a location criterion.

The criteria are still unknown, but according to some health authorities limitation of fighting to host this entity, They applied to host Aragon, Andalusia, Galicia, the Community of Valencia and Extremadura. For its part, the Balearic Islands have eliminated themselves, the Community of Madrid sees its candidacy with fewer options, and Catalonia has been suggested by experts but not yet by the administration.

As for the agency’s own requirements, Ortí “it is essential to be an independent entity”. This independence is difficult to achieve, but there are other institutions that operate that way and are more capable of responding without political pressure.”

Hernández, for his part, states that a condition of the Agency, “guarantee of independence”is something that should be included in the law. “There is no independence if it is not included in the law. and the trend isn’t towards good government when they’re given the power to decide,” warns the former general manager.

Agency Staff

Another requirement of the institution, which is still in its infancy, is the number of workers it must have. In his argument, Ortí draws a parallel with the Public Health departments that exist today to estimate a number for Aesap. “less than 200 doctors Preventive Medicine and Public Health Specialists and other specialties, that wouldn’t be enough‘ he assures.

Hernández states that one of the Agency’s main functions is “comprehensive, 21st century surveillancequite different from what we do”. Therefore, “given the strategic importance of having health information, the Agency thinks that its staff should be formed. several dozen people

In line with this, professionals “must be able to attract people. high scientific-technical capacityIn addition, the Institution should have the flexibility to employ high-level personnel and don’t stick to public function processes.

information and communication systems

Finally, another requirement of the State Public Health Institution is that one of its main pillars is the State Public Health Institution. information and communication system. Regarding information, “this is a key part of epidemiological surveillanceAccording to Ortí, the availability and quantity of Preventive Medicine-related procedures and protocols complemented by control measures that may arise at any time is what it should be.

In this sense, the Ministry of Health 27 million € To consolidate all procedures from Europe into an information system that will become a “single network” information is fast, agile and online“, Add.

Hernández agrees, and the Agency “a a group of people with a high level of analytics Y communication, high quality and solventIn this sense, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health stated that “social networks have some complications for people to find reliable voices on health issues and the Institution should be a reliable body for the population, has a loan“and help fight against what he calls “infodemic”.

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