Regional football federations blast against Javier Tebas for Sports Law

Regional football federations blast against Javier Tebas for Sports Law

Several regional Spanish football associations have openly expressed themselves against the president. League, Javier Tebasand stance negative new sports Law, including the threat of a strike. Unapproved in these messages Thebes criticism of his nepotism was repeated in all but different nuances.

Among the strongest, Castile-La Mancha Football AssociationWhere they are “tired of the union president’s actions”. “Federations have tolerated them for years and now they’re going after political parties. You need to stop him. For Sports Law It includes everyone.”

In this line, Las Palmas Football Association Claiming that it is unacceptable for a legally monopolistic entity such as the League to pretend to be above national sovereignty and to question national sovereignty. Parliament».

On your own behalf Balearic Islands Football Association asked a direct question to the president. League: «Why don’t you explain this to the government and the public in the new term? Sports Law granted the right of veto French Football Federation for negotiating fund contributions to your league?».

attribution Football Federation of the Region of Murciadenounce the deal reached with resume to finance clubs League. “Spanish competitions cannot depend on a fund in a tax haven dedicated to making usurer loans to Thebes in exchange for lifetime presidency,” he stressed.

between Super League Remember Principality of Asturias Royal Football Association To denounce that the League “used this ‘excuse’ to demand a series of changes to the Sporting Law contrary to the interests of Spanish football”. “We cannot accept this excuse; Football and its fans don’t deserve this.”

Finally, Royal Andalusian Football Association It demands a “Sports Law that guarantees the values ​​of football and respects clubs, hobbies and federations”.

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