Santa Cruz will undertake the renovation of the Juan Santamaría site next summer

Santa Cruz will undertake the renovation of the Juan Santamaría site next summer

City Council representatives are meeting with the leaders of Tramway, Spherical and Duggi to talk about improvements to be made from the Sports Service.

The mayor of the city, José Manuel Bermúdez, accompanied by Sports council members Alicia Cebrián and Carlos Tarife from the Health-La Salle region, met yesterday afternoon with the managers of the football clubs that train and play in Juan Santamaría. Fields in the capital such as Esférico Fútbol Club, Club Duggi Tenerife and CD Tranvía.

In the meeting held at the same facility, the city council members, accompanied by technicians from the Sports field, talked about the improvements to be made in the football field next year from the council headed by Alicia Cebrián. It’s about changing the turf, the surface should be as wide as possible, trying to eliminate gaps in asphalt between the pitch and the stands; replacing existing lights with led; improving the lighting in the stands and installing a new irrigation system.

In addition to the arrangement of the perimeter of the site, as well as the inclusion of equipment and flags, the height of the fence of the funds will be raised; waterproofing the land and collecting rainwater; a new layout for better use of offices and locker rooms; painting and general cleaning and improving the accessibility of the stands. The cost of this work will exceed 300,000 euros, although it will depend on the final project.

“We presented and agreed with the different teams that train and play on the Juan Santamaría football field, an improvement plan that will begin with the drafting of a project in the coming months,” said José Manuel Bermúdez. “It was an afternoon where we had the opportunity to learn about their demands and needs so that they can play sports in one of the corners of our city where football breathes everywhere. Mainly because he was with Heliodorus”.

Councilor Alicia Cebrián noted that as long as the work is not carried out, the Sports Service has prepared an adjacent turf area on the football field so that the goalkeepers can train in better conditions and train in general. The Sports Service is working to improve and adapt the field next year after the end of the competition season, so that the municipal clubs that use the field are not interfered and damaged.”

Carlos Tarife, mayor of Salud-La Salle county, said: “This is undoubtedly great news for clubs benefiting from this space, as it is a facility that needs a number of improvements and more, given the number of boys and girls who train here every afternoon”. “This future action is part of the idea by the government group to improve the city’s sports facilities and is part of the planning carried out by the Ministry of Sports in coordination with other areas,” he said.

Finally, the award for the draft of the Juan Santamaría municipal football field improvement and adaptation project will be awarded at the beginning of November for 23,005 euros.

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