The Sports Act recognizes the international participation of regional teams in competitions with historical roots.

The Sports Act recognizes the international participation of regional teams in competitions with historical roots.

this GDP He forced the fulfillment of a historic claim of Basque sport from the Spanish Government. He succeeded in bringing the change. Sports Law Thus, regional federations can officially participate in international competitions flying their own flag without the umbrella of the Spanish team. This will be the case in other disciplines as well. social roots as in this region ball In case the Basque or regional federation was part of an international federation before the Spanish federation was formed. PNV indicates that this will also apply to: surfing. An agreement from the Supreme Sports Council, which is an autonomous body but subordinate to the Ministry of Culture, will be required, although this is the first time it has been relevant. legal recognition, unprecedented. With this first step, a new path opens.

Thus, the eleventh clause of the PNV investment agreement with Pedro Sánchez was fulfilled.It is in the midst of the State Budgets negotiations, where the Spanish president has done everything possible to maintain compliance with the jeltzales and has also agreed to renew the Quota Act, another politically important agreement that deflates it. relationships.

Pre-agreement with CSD

leading group Author Esteban It became officially recognized in Congress for the Basque pelota and surf teams, a possibility that was recognized for the first time in the Spanish legal system. Specifically, PNV introduced A new point in article 44 is two: “Again, regional sports federations can participate the constitution of the Spanish federation concerned, directly at the international level, in the case of the relevant international federation, sports modalities or specialties that have historical and social roots in their autonomous community, or where the autonomous federation formerly formed part of an International federation”.

In such cases, the participation of the regional sports federation in official international competitions will be agreed in advance with the Supreme Sports Council. Such an agreement will require joint support for the integration of the regional federation into the international federation.”

This article is about the authorization The relevant international federation opposing the participation of Euskal Selekzioa in the World Cup to be held in Biarritz from 23 to 29 OctoberAlthough it is a sport of Basque origin. Andoni Ortuzar will explain how this issue was resolved at a press conference.

First step

The PNV thus puts on track an argument that is strongly resurfacing these days due to the controversies in the US. World Baseball Championship, with a bizarre veto against the Basque team and the decision to force him to participate on its behalf. SpainFrance or another recognized choice. Supporters of the civil service sought support from institutions and parties, and after decades of spearheading that demand, Jeltzales was able to open a channel. In this area, he is the leader of EH Bildu, who also condemned this veto in the last hours.

Mertxe Aizpurua from the coalition said this step was limited and wondered why the PSOE only allowed participation in domestic sports, dismissing that they were second-rate to socialists, but eventually chose to vote in favor of the transaction and bowed. towards abstention in the law as a whole.

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It is a first step that does not cover all sports modalities. In the case of Footballstill has a categorical veto FIFA and UEFA In addition, the Constitutional Court ruled that district teams can only participate in international sports competitions without state federations.

The bill has opened a channel and is about to be voted on in the Congressional committee. Joseba Agirretxea, Jeltzale’s spokesperson for sports matters, welcomes that while it doesn’t fully meet all of PNV’s wishes, this deal means “going from claim to fact”. and reaches all sports modalities.

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