This is business that promotes and spreads veganism and animal rights.

This is business that promotes and spreads veganism and animal rights.

These are the entrepreneurs Manuel Villa and Viviana Rape behind an educational project: Vtopia.

These are the entrepreneurs Manuel Villa and Viviana Rape behind an educational project: Vtopia.

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“We had the idea to create a vegan cultural space where veganism and animal rights are promoted and spread, different experiences can be had and communities are built at the same time, and this is how the dream of Vtopia was born. , on February 19, 2021 we decided to start in an online space where due to the problems of post-pandemic uncertainty we will offer innovative products and products that we miss as vegans, we started with different experiences based on chocolate, what has been and has been a boom, currently our catalog has grown and chocolates, diapers, cookies, tote bags , patches, posters, pins, among others, all these products have always been focused on delivering a vegan message”, that’s it. the two entrepreneurs behind video game, an educational project. they passed 23 questions for entrepreneurs and their businesses and this was the tour they gave us for their business idea:

1. How old am I? Did I read?

We are two vegan friends:

Viviana Ripe Moya, 28 years old, Design and Photography.

Manuel Bulla Correa, 28 years old, Psychologist.

2. What was my idea and when was it born? What did I create?

We had the idea to create a vegan cultural space where veganism and animal rights are promoted and spread, different experiences can be had and communities are built at the same time, this is how the dream of Vtopia was born, to start on February 19, 2021 in an online space where we will present innovative products and products that we miss as vegans due to the post-pandemic uncertainty issues. We decided, we started with different experiences based on chocolate. it was a blast, now our catalog has grown and we offer chocolates, towels, cookies, tote bags, patches, posters, pins… all these products have always been focused on delivering a vegan message.

3. How did I manage to make this a reality and bring it to life?

After combining a few ideas we had in mind as well as various aspirations we were able to make it a reality, this allowed us to launch ourselves as a brand to promote ourselves and start building a community.

4. Where did I get the money to run and how did I pay for it?

Our first capital came out of our pocket, each of us had some savings, and with it we were able to acquire tools and basic raw materials. At the moment vtopia is self-sustaining, which allows us to continue to grow and innovate with new products.

5. What do I get with my work? What am I changing in my mind?

We achieve our goal of conveying a message of respect and empathy to all other animals that we share with different people from Bogota and other cities, and we feel that we are changing the way we perceive non-human animals through our creative-educational activism. .

6. Am I happy?

Yes, we are very happy to see that people are accepted. vtopiaBy seeing how our dreams are written on the pages, we take shape and get closer to creating our vegan world step by step.

7. Will I sell my business, my company?

We’re pretty sure we won’t do that right now because it’s our project and we feel like only we can build the dream. vtopia.

8. How hard was it for me to take on?

We came from commitment, we knew what we were facing and how we should start, sometimes it’s difficult because you are the leader and executor of all processes, but you become more capable of solving and confronting all kinds of situations.

9. Have I fulfilled my dream? what am i missing?

Not yet, our dream vtopia This is huge and we have many more goals to achieve, including the physical space where all our ideas come together. We feel we need hours a day, as well as financial resources.

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10. Now what? What’s next?

While our brand is recognized nationally, we aim to continue to create physical education and meeting spaces for the society, and to carry our message of respect for all animal life through different experiences of Vtopia.

11. Is my business scalable?

yes project vtopia it can scale and reach different locations and be replicated or expanded nationally and internationally, physically or online, as the purpose will always be the same.

12. Would you take investment from a foreigner to grow? Can I give you some of my company?

This is a topic we discuss a lot and we wouldn’t hesitate to give some of our dream to someone who isn’t as passionate as we are, but we can accept investment from someone who has the same beliefs and desires to see our goal. the project grows as it is, not for the profit you can make.

13. What would you never do again?

We have had different experiences during this time and we know that we do not regret having lived them, because we are aware that every decision made has a gain and everything we have been through has brought us to where we are now, so we value each and every one of them. teaching.

14. Who inspired me? Who would I like to follow?

We are inspired by our ideals and our purpose to fight injustice, we don’t feel we have a role model that inspires us 100% so we seek it. vtopia Be a reference for those who want to raise their voice on behalf of other animals.

15. Did I fail at some point? Have I considered throwing in the towel?

We didn’t fail, we just had happy learning-filled accidents, we didn’t even think about throwing in the towel because it’s our engine and they (other animals) are the ones that encourage us to keep going so we will always draw energy. and the best attitude to deal with any situation.

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16. Am I part of some kind of community that has helped me along my path to this venture?

There is no particular community we belong to, but we feel like we are part of the vegan community of Bogota, Medellin and Pereira because they have always welcomed us with open arms, supported, valued our work, motivated and encouraged us. Let’s keep working for animals.

17. Does what I do exceed? Will it affect new generations?

Yes, if it exceeds it, that is its purpose. vtopiaTransform society through education to change the way other animals are perceived, we know that changing thinking and culture can change future generations and have a positive impact on our relationship with other animals.

18. How do I see myself in 10 years and how do I see my startup, my company in the future?

We aspire to have our cultural space already in 10 years. vtopia A reference point for national and international veganism.

19. What role did my family and friends play?

Our families played a very important role as unconditional support and also formed a pillar for what we are trying to create and the decisions we have to make, our friends celebrate every success and send us the best vibes to keep going, in the same way we feel the great support of the people we meet on this path, because they always give us encouragement and positive messages, so we will always carry them in our hearts.

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20. I did it. Can you help other entrepreneurs achieve this?

Of course yes, we will always try to support those who want to create change and advocate veganism with all their determination, knowing that they will go against the current.

21. What role did my team play? Who?

Meanwhile the team vtopia It consists of two people: Vivi and Manu. We spend all our knowledge, energy and time to achieve something amazing and purposeful, we play an important role in building it together. vtopia.

22. What is my personal stamp? What sets me apart from others?

Our distinctive feature is the creativity and aesthetics reflected in our products and image, as well as friendly service and assertive communication with the public. Since we are an educational project, we differ from others.

23. What did I learn from all this?

It is brave to take risks and stand up for your beliefs, we must learn and move forward stronger despite the difficulties, we must be rebels fighting against injustice, the greatest force for change is education and this is vtopia It’s going to be something incredibly big.

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