Trops Malaga – result of Ciudad Real, handball honor division

this Troops Malaga After almost a month’s hiatus, he resumed league competition, proving that he was tough, solvent and could handle the times. In short, show muscle like he’s done since the competition started. And that’s with the victory over Saturday Vestas Alarcos Ciudad Real Trops until 31-22, the only undefeated team in the categoryThis results in him commanding the qualifying table with Puerto Sagunto despite being one game less than most of the La Plata teams, as the number of clubs in the current season is uneven.

The Malaga team remained true to their principles. Coach Quino Soler knew that he would find a good opponent who came to Malaga with positive dynamics. One of the best centers in the world in the first decade of the century, Hispanic-Cuban Rolando Uríos is a team of young people, joined by Spain and the much-remembered Spanish-Cuban Rolando Uríos, who gave him dynamism in his game. During his time at the extinct Ciudad Real – which coincided with the late Pepelu Pérez Canca from 2001 to 2003 in the La Mancha team – he returned to the 40×20 at age 51, a little over a decade after he announced his retirement. For this reason, in the match played between Trops Málaga and Vestas Alarcos, the focus of attention was the performance of Uríos, who embellished the phrase ‘who took, remained’ at certain moments.

Trops was superior to his opponent from the very beginning. Proof of this is that Malaga opened the field with a goal by winger Jesús Melgar and they have always played ahead of the scoreboard ever since. Quino Soler’s students had set up a defensive wall from which Alarcos could not advance. In fact, La Mancha team scored the first goal with Pangerc at 07:27, taking advantage of the fact that the people of Malaga were on the field with one missing player due to the exclusion of Vidal. Then, email from Fray Francisco Baños announced 2-1 in favor of the locals. While the people who filled the mansion were having a great time, the very loud La Mancha supporters did not stop cheering for themselves.

Tropes continued to do what they knew, defended very well and went on the counterattack used by the Blues after Alarcos’ offensive failures. The match was against a team of Malacitano, who were very well placed on the track and rotated constantly. Left winger Sean Corning signed last week and recently arrived in Malaga after being called up by the USA team to play some friendlies for the 2023 World Cup.

The game continued like this, with the Trops dominating, despite the Malagans chasing after Alarcos every time they improved the result. The income in favor of the natives had been three or four goals. However, from 18:00 on, the Málaga team showed its best offensive version as it almost always does, gradually increasing the lead 3-0 to 15-8 in the first half. before the horn sounds.

Continuing the game after going through the locker rooms, Trops continued what they did in the first 30 minutes and paid off. Seven goals difference

After a seven-yard field goal and two counterattacks, the Trops put the score to 23-14 with a 3-0 run. Goals came from Alberto Castro from seven metres, and wingers Melgar and newcomer Corning, who, in just four practice sessions with the Malaga team, accelerated the Malaga offense and, even better, secured goals within minutes. He then threw the ball into the net two more times.

Alarcos Ciudad Real suffered from the fluidity of the Trops, who were getting better and better on the pitch and wanted more. With a score of 29-14, the minute came to 18:00. The people of Malaga liked each other, they were playing a very serious game and Quino Soler moved the bench again, including the goalkeeper, as Pedro Blanco left for Villamarín.

Trops played the final moments as he wanted. He already looked like the winner of the conflict, which allowed him to reduce its intensity. On the other hand, those from Ciudad Real did not lower their arms despite the big scoreboard and took a partial 0-4 as a reward, bringing the electronic score to 29-18 at 22:45.

When everything was settled and with two reds on the Alarcos roster, all that remained was to wait for the horn to sound and find out the final result, 31-22 and two more points in the closet for Malacitanos, who ruled the match. He will face his next opponent Fertiberia Puerto Sagundo next Saturday at 18:30 on the territory of Valencia.

Data sheet

31. Troops Malaga: Villamarín (p.), Leonel (3), Pablo Fernández (2), Cabrera (1), Consuegra (2), Melgar (5), Soler (5), Blanco (p.), Luis Castro (2), Palomeque (2), Portela, Vidal (2), Martins (2), Corning (3) and Alberto Castro (2).

22. Alarcos Ciudad Real: Sanz (5), Rueda (2), Dávila (2), Uríos, Agorreta, Mendoza, González, Espinosa (4), Serrano, Plaza Talens, Moreno (3), Mora, Herrera, Ruiz (1) and Pangerc (5 ).

Partial: 2-0, 4-1, 6-2, 8-4, 13-8, 15-8 (first half), 17-11, 23-14, 27-14, 29-15, 30-18, 31- 22 (end).

Referees: Óscar Gutiérrez Sobrino and Jorge Monjo Ortega of the Madrid Regional Federation.

Events: On match day 4 of the Silver Honor Division, he played in the Fray Francisco Baños pavilion of the Los Olivos school in Malaga, with half a thousand fans in the stands, almost a hundred followers of Ciudad Real, in the stands.

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